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Top 10 Best WordPress Security Plugins To Secure WP Sites

It’s a matter of fact that even though WordPress appears to be the best CMS, but still, it holds some deficiency. A lot of website owners use WordPress for managing their site’s content without any problem. You are definitely walking on the thin ice if you have a laid-back approach regarding the security of WordPress. It’s quite an easy task to screw your entire website for the hackers as there are so many loopholes in WordPress.

The security breaches of this CMS are not a new thing. They have been occurring since they came into existence. Hackers can penetrate into any WordPress website if you don’t take some preventive measures. Thankfully, WordPress is an open-source platform, and thus, you will get so much help to keep your site safe. That’s where you need the security plugins to secure your website from such incidents. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 best WordPress security plugins to secure WP Sites that you can use on your website.

Get To Know The Most Appropriate and Best WordPress Security Plugins For Your WordPress Site

Even after the effortless attacks made on WordPress websites by hackers, they are still striving. If there are some bad people, then there are good ones too who want to help you. WordPress is such a platform where you can get tons of security plugins to fill up the vulnerability gaps of your site. So, without delaying too much, let’s get into the section to know the top 10 best WordPress security plugins to secure WP sites.

Wordfence Security

Based on the reviews of different users across the globe, Wordfence Security holds its position at the top of the list. Among so many WordPress plugins, Wordfence arguably proves to be one of the most popular security plugins. And there are some reasons behind that as mentioned in the following section.

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Live Traffic:

You get to see the live traffic without any problem and you can even check the real-time data when a hacker attempts an attack on your site. It comes with the cell phone sign-in and is compatible with most of the websites. This helps to brace your site from several brute force attacks.

Blocking Features:

In real-time, you might want to block the most renowned attackers from your website. Don’t worry, Wordfence comes with all such features. It can also help you to block an entire network which might cause a security breach to your site. With the two-factor authentication, it includes a robust login system. It is globally used by several defense forces to make its site secure.

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You also get access to the WordPress repository for verification of the plugins or themes on your website. It even helps you to scan the signatures of thousands of known malware variants across the globe. Hence, if you want to make your WordPress site as secure as possible, then there is no better option than Wordfence security.

It is one of the most globally distinguished authorities that specialize in the security of WordPress sites. Sucuri is better known as it deals with different security issues of WordPress and helps you to take necessary steps of protection. With free availability, this security plugin is so effective for your website. There are some of the most important features are described in the section below.

Security Activity Audit Logging:

There are loads of security features present in this security plugin and Security Activity Audit Logging is one of them. It helps you to keep track of all such activities of your site to keep it more secure. Wiping out the entire forensic data of your site would be a very hard task for a hacker. Whenever there are some unusual activities on your site, you will get a notification about that.

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File Integrity Monitoring:

With such a feature, you get the flexibility to monitor all your site contents if they are secure or not. Once you install Sucuri on your site, it generates a ‘Known Good’ automatically to mark it as a secured website. Whenever the website differs from such a state, you should know that there are some problems.

Malware Scanning And Post Hack Security Actions:

It also incorporates the malware scanning feature that makes it a powerful plugin. You can scan if there is any malware on the site. If there was an unfortunate attack, you get the functionality to retrieve your website data with the Post Hack Security Actions feature.

Apart from all these features, you will also get so many other to make your site as secure as possible. Whatsoever, as a freeware plugin, Sucuri is one of the best WordPress security plugins that you should have on your site.

All-In-One WP Security & Firewall

As the name suggests, this plugin inculcates all the features that you need in a security plugin. It is a 360-degree security solution that dedicates to bracing up your website from several threats. In addition to that, there are some essential features to be noted and you can find them below.

Unprecedented Security Point Grading System:

When it comes to the features of this security plugin, you should know that there is a lot of them. With such a feature, you can easily measure how well your site is protected from security threats. It also helps you fight effectively without slowing down the page loading speed of your site.

Firewall Protection Via .htaccess:

There are three levels of firewall protection that you can get from this plugin which come as basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. You can apply the firewall rules according to the requirement. You also get the functionality to protect your site through the .htaccess file. Whenever a server renders a web page, it loads the .htaccess file before executing any code on it.

So, this plugin takes your WordPress security to a whole new level with these strong features. You also get the wp-config.php backup, front-end copy protection, and anti-spam measures to make your website more protected. With the range of such functionalities, this security plugin focuses on the protection from brute force attacks.

BulletProof Security

If you want a single-click solution for your WordPress security concerns, then this is it. Protection from XSS, RFI, SQL, CRLF, and above all code injection on your website can be easily achieved by this plugin. It comes with all the functionalities that a beginner needs to use it on his or her website.

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Giving you safeguard from brute force login attacks is always the first priority of this security plugin. However, BulletProof Security offers so many features and some of them are stated in the following section.

  • One-Click Setup Wizard to help you easily set it up on your site.
  • As a firewall, it comes with .htaccess Website Security Protection.
  • You can hide all your files and folders with the HPF feature.
  • It also comes with the monitoring of several activities and makes your login system more secure.
  • The Auth Cookie Expiration or ACE and Idle Session Logout (IDL) are the two other important features of this security plugin.

With the free version of this plugin, you will get all these features. If you are availing the pro version of this plugin, then you will get more added features. With a single click, you also get to develop a maintenance page.

iThemes Security

At the time of downloading this plugin, you will see that it comes with more than thirty ways to protect your website. Installing iThemes security on your website means that your website is on safe hands. iThemes itself maintains your website and takes all the necessary steps to prevent a breach.

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By taking the camouflage against the brute force attacks to the next level, it helps you eradicate the vulnerabilities. The IP addresses of failed login attempts are reported so they can not log in the future with the same IP address. After all, it’s the security of your site which matters and that’s why there are some other features also that you should note.

Scan Your Entire Site:

With the help of this security solution, you can scan the whole of your site. Accordingly, do what to be done. You can instantly fix the vulnerabilities if there are any in the report it provides after a successful scan.

Bans Troublesome Elements:

Be it troublesome user agents, bots, or some other hosts, you can easily get the full security from all of such elements.

Enhance Server Security:

At the time of rendering a web page, the security of the server can have some loophole. In order to prevent such an incident, this plugin can be helpful. It can strengthen the security of the server and it also enforces strong passwords for all accounts who want to access the site.

These are the most significant features that matter when it comes to making your site secure. Moreover, there are some added features that you will get from the pro version of this security plugin.

WP Antivirus Site Protection

Malicious viruses and suspicious codes on your website might be one such form of a security breach. This plugin helps you detect such breaches and remove them instantly. It can help you identify a lot of attempts of security threats that a hacker can make. It holds the capability to hold each of the files of your WordPress sites.

You also get the functionality to crawl your site for the loopholes with this plugin. It continuously updates the database with the latest logic and functions to add to your website. With the robust features, it ensures that your site is protected from all sorts of attacks made on your site.

  • Safeguard from the MySQL and JavaScript injections is one such feature that makes it one of the most important security plugins.
  • Website Defacements and Hidden iFrames provide you with an optimum level of security.
  • You also get full proof protection from PHP Mailers and Social Engineering Attacks on your website.
  • Receive alerts and notifications in the Admin panel of the website with the Antivirus Site Protection feature.
  • A deep scan of the site contents and a Heuristic logistics feature are also two pillars of this security plugin.

Without all such features, there are others also that will help you protect your site with every aspect. When it comes to selecting antivirus protection for your site, this plugin comes as the first choice.

Google Authenticator

With the ease of use, this plugin proves to be so much helpful for making your site secure. It mainly focuses on two-factor authentication along with a strong password. This kind of authentication adds a second layer of protection to your site and lets a user only pass if he or she has the right access. It has so many powerful features and some of them are mentioned in the following section.

  • You can enable Two-Factor as per the requirement of the role.
  • It comes with easy deployment on your entire user base in a few moments.
  • Irrespective of the types of phones, you get the full support of this application.
  • Alternate login methods make it more useful when your phone was stolen or discharged.
  • You get to log in even if your phone is offline with the OTP verification.

Therefore, these are some of the most important features that you can get from Google Authenticator. Whatever requirements you have regarding the authentication of a user at the time of login, this security plugin can help you with that.


When it comes to offering WordPress security services, Vaultpress is one of the most appropriate plugins that can help you with so many aspects. It keeps a backup of every post, comment, revision, media file, and different settings of your website. You get the full assurances of getting protection against, malware, outages, damages, and most of all the hackers.

It never underestimates the backups as this is the only way of retrieving your website data. No matter what kind of plugin you are installing on the site, it will help you check that precisely. With it, you don’t have to worry about the vulnerabilities of the site. That’s why ensuring the fact that your website data is safe and secure it’s important to have backups.

Vaultpress is the one-stop solution for keeping such backups of your site to ensure security. It also offers scheduled backups to make sure the contents are safe even after the site is compromised. With a simple click, you can get protection from several viruses and malware.

Block Bad Queries (BBQ)

It is one of the handiest plugins that offer interesting features in terms of security. This plugin is quite easy to use and has strong features to make your site secure enough. You can monitor the inbound traffic of your website and block harmful requests with the help of this plugin.

Furthermore, if your website is unable to access the .htaccess file, then this might be your optimum choice. With awesome features, it can help you make your site as much secure as possible.

  • You get the 100% plug-n-play functionality with this security plugin.
  • It requires no confirmation and works with so speed and simplicity.
  • Offers a stable performance that is focused on 100% security of the website.
  • Depends on the 5G or 6G Firewall and blocks all kinds of malicious web request made on the server.

If you want to deal with the code injection, then go for BBQ as it contains all such features. After the WordPress community praised this plugin, this plugin has been continuously gaining its popularity.

VIP Scanner

This plugin exactly does what you can get from its name. Scanning each and every file of your website is the job it always does. VIP Scanner allows you to know all kinds of security loopholes that are present on your website.

It is as effective as a breeze to use at the equivalent time for the convenience of users. You will get a user-friendly interface with this plugin. At the same time, it allows you to protect your website from numerous security threats. The plugin also enables you to put checks on files on your website to check them separately while rendering from its server.

To Sum Up

That’s all you need to know about the top 10 best WordPress security plugins to secure WP sites in 2019. If you want to secure your website, then get any of the plugins. Based on their features, each one of these plugins holds its own responsibility to prevent security breaches. It would be a proactive approach to install such plugins on your website that you manage through WordPress CMS.