PDFBear: The Leading PDF To Word Converter


The use of PDF has become widely known in the world. Converting a different file format to PDF and vice versa has become helpful among individuals and groups that work in offices, schools, business, and research facilities because it makes their work more productive and easier. PDF is software in which the format of a document retains its original format even if shared with other users. It can be viewed in Adobe Reader. But if the users have not yet installed a program on Adobe in their gadgets, a PDF file cannot be read. Users can now convert PDF files to Word format to make them accessible since they could already have word processors installed in their gadgets. Converting a PDF to a format compatible with Microsoft word enables the users to manipulate the document and its formatting. Countless PDF converters might have appeared online, but PDFBear is the best!

What Are The Services For PDFBear?

PDFBear is an online site that converts PDF files for free. It offers services that convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files and vice versa. The conversion process of PDF files into editable DOCX documents is supported by Optical Character Recognition. It has an innovative homepage that makes it for anyone to easily and efficiently work on any tasks regarding PDF conversions.

PDFBear’s services regarding the functions of converting PDF to their respective format are amazing. It also has features on converting image formats like JPG and PNG to PDF and vice versa. It can also extract images in a PDF file, adjust the image orientation and margins to produce quality conversion. This website can also convert webpages in HTML to PDF. It can also separate or split PDF pages into a single file per page, and even files into one. The server can also remove pages that you do not need in your PDF file. This software can also decrease the file size of your PDF, according to the compression level that you use. Repairing a damaged PDF and recovering data from a corrupted PDF can also be done by this website, with the use of a repair tool. You are also provided with many options, to which you can add text, shapes, images, page numbers, watermarks, or freehand annotations to your PDF file. You can share the converted files via email or link. Your file can also be protected by a password to avoid unauthorized access, and you can also remove it. PDFBear can be translated into twenty-two languages so that even non-English speakers around the world will be able to access and use the site.

PDFBear is the best online PDF converter you can find on the internet for it is convenient to use and free. This PDF converter is accessible in smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops with any operating system. And you can use it anytime, anywhere as long as you have a decent internet connection.

Converting PDF to Word Document

Converting a Word Document to a Portable Document Format (PDF) file enables the user to manipulate the format of the file however they want. PDFBear is capable of converting PDF files to a word document accessible to Microsoft Word. With the help of this website, converting a PDF file to Word is an easy thing to do. Every step of converting a PDF file to a word document is stated, making it very easy to comprehend and follow for first-time users. The converting procedure has only four steps. Connecting to an internet connection is a must.

The following are the four steps in converting a PDF file to a word document, with the use of PDFBear. It is easy to do and can be done in seconds. The first step is to visit the website. The second step is to choose PDF to Word among the services offered by this website. Next is to click Select Files to upload a PDF file from your storage. You can also drag and drop your PDF file into the converter box. When the PDF file gets entered, the converter will scan it. Just wait for a few seconds as the conversion process automatically starts. The next step comes with the PDF file being converted to a Word file, where you need to download and save it instantly to your smartphone, computer, or any gadget that you are using. Also, by copying the download link, you can share it with other users in your social media accounts. You have converted a PDF file to a word document. Try checking the quality of the converted file. You can do this by accessing it with a word processor installed in your smartphones, computer, or any gadget that you are using. After converting, you will be given other options by the PDFBear website. Whether you want to continue using PDFBear in its other services offered. PDFBear considers every user’s needs in making PDF related-services.

What Are The Benefits Of Using PDFBear

Countless PDF converters have appeared online to give users free access to a more productive way to work regarding PDF. However, one PDF converter appeared to be the best for everyone, and it is PDFBear. This website’s services are free to access, and it only requires smartphones or computers and an internet connection. It has quick tool features and comprehensible step-by-step procedures to follow. It is the best PDF converter you can use online because it has many wonderful features accessible to use anytime, anywhere.

In A Nutshell

PDFBear allows users to use it in a variety of gadgets, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops. It can convert, edit, compress, protect, repair, rotate, split, or merge PDF files with efficiency. It is the best online site for converting PDF files because it offers the best features. The existence of PDFBear online is helpful to everyone. It is an awesome PDF converter that helps increase work productivity and efficiency to its users. This website is a wonderful tool for doing PDF related-tasks!