Best WordPress Hosting Services in 2019

To kickstart your journey with WordPress Website is not that much expensive. Moreover, the cheapest plan comes with one-click WordPress installer which permits the newcomers to have their first post within a minute. However, managing a particular blog for a considerable period of time is not an easy task. You need to have your own themes as well as plugins.Therefore, it is necessary to keep them updated. Blogs sometimes get infected with a malicious virus. Therefore, it is important to adopt some alternatives to identify and remove these unusual threats forever. Also, you need frequent backup in order to make the broken blog functional again. Here is a list of hosting services that offer WordPress plans. Among them, we have picked the best ones that will channelize the path and guide you in the right direction.
Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran in this business, you need to know the WordPress hosting services that provide quality work along with a reasonable price. Therefore, we advise you to find some time and have a look at this informative blog.

Best WordPress Hosting Services of 2019

Let’s have a look at exclusive features of the WordPress Hosting Services of 2019 and take your web designing services to an unprecedented level.


Bluehost is a brand new website hosting service as recommended by Although there are some rumors, it is one of the trusted services in terms of price as well as quality. WordPress in collaboration with Bluehost is constantly striving to create an unique hosting for the WordPress platform. It comes with superior quality WordPress hosting solutions and this is the best one if you want to start with a low budget online project. Let’s have a slight overview of the major features.
WordPress Hosting Services

  1. Proper scalability
  2. One Click Installation for WordPress.
  3. Optimized cPanel
  4. Quality Performance
  5. SSL Certification readily available

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting comes with web hosting for WordPress platform. With the use of InMotion hosting, you can host easily on the strong web servers. Also, you will get proper support for WordPress hosting. It comes with WordPress Optimized web hosting services encompassing certain technical as well as management features. Moreover, it comes with pre-installed and ready WordPress, drag and drop mechanism, free transfer of site, hack, malware protection, plethora of themes, and last but not the least free data backup. The most significant aspect is that they provide instant customer support channels such as phone, email, chat, as well as Skype. Other features include
Best WordPress Hosting Services

  1. Unlimited Disk Space and bandwidth
  2. Updates from WordPress automatically
  3. Migration of websites at free of cost
  4. Supportable cache plugins.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is another trusted WordPress Hosting provider of 2019 that you can easily look for. They provide you with a fine tune and amazing fast hosting services alongside reliable customer support. The A2 Optimized website is available along with pre-installed service so that the users don’t get panic-stricken while downloading and installing. Moreover, you will get the autoconfiguration mechanism to get the optimum site performance as well as superior quality security features. A2 Hosting received several accolades for being the most trusted service. So let’s have a quick glance on the additional features that will entice you
Best WordPress Hosting Services

  1. Pre Installed WordPress Software
  2. Perennial Security as well as HackScan protection
  3. Development-friendly recent PHP as well as MySQL versions.
  4. SSL Certification for free
  5. Free Account Migration


Hosting is considered to be the cheapest, fastest and trusted WordPress providers in this competitive industry. This is ideal for the small scale organizations, businesses as well as startups. The person who is about to start his career can rely on this due to the low-online budget. Therefore it is the right platform to embark on the new journey for those having money crunch. Moreover, it comes with lucrative benefits with a shared hosting package. Before moving ahead with the next one, have a look at the features
Best WordPress Hosting Services

  1. Free Domain name along with website builder
  2. NGINX micro cache
  3. Backups available on a daily basis
  4. CloudFare Integration
  5. Intelligent WAF( Web Application Firewall)


In this growing world of digitalization, SiteGround is the best WordPress hosting providers available. Several users prefer using it owing to its amazing customer support, high speed, as well as strong security. Also, it earned a huge reputation since it is one of the four WordPress hosting companies as per It provides feature riched managed WordPress Hosting which makes the task very lucid and saves huge time.
Best WordPress Hosting Services

  1. One Click WordPress Installer available
  2. WordPress Staging and Git Pre-Installed
  3. Command line management option is available using WP-CLI enabled features.
  4. Automatic updates available
  5. SSL Certification available at free of cost through Let’s Encrypt

WP Engine

WP Engine is termed as the industry leader when it comes to WordPress hosting.This is basically a provider of WordPress specific hosting services in order to certify WordPress users. It performs a lot of tasks in order to make the WordPress websites scalable as well as secure. Also, it comes with professional WordPress support for potential users.WP engine assures you with the implementation of niche technologies encompassing one-click WordPress staging, restore, in-built CDN as well as optimized security direct SFTP. It has a dedicated team of proficient engineers as well as quality lab technicians. Additional features include
Best WordPress Hosting Services

  1. Credible and Powerful support
  2. Protection of firewall and scanning of malware
  3. SSL Certifications available
  4. Backups on a daily basis
  5. Massive scalability as well as high speed.


FlyWheel is one of the fastest growing WordPress hosting service providers.It only hosts WP websites and is useful for beginners, designers as well as for different agencies. It comes with tight security, optimized performance, as well as reliable support from the proficient support team. The major features are listed below
Best WordPress Hosting Services

  1. Managing software updates
  2. Cache and performance issue
  3. Creating and restoring backups
  4. SSL Certification free of cost.
  5. CDN

Final Remark

To wrap up this discussion, we must conclude that this blog covers all the information related to the best WordPress Hosting service providers of 2019 which will redefine your website model. Also, the newcomers can follow this guide to know about the best service providers before they start their new journey.Apart from this, if you have any new suggestion, provide that in the comment section below.

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