The Best-Managed WordPress Hosting Provider Of 2019 To Consider For Your Website

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems that many users rely upon to set up their own blogs or websites. There are hundreds of plugins and WordPress templates, which you can utilize for making your web pages attractive and appeal to your visitors. Many online users find it quite difficult to invest the required amount of time and patience to complete all the formalities for creating their WordPress sites. This is why you will find numerous vendors on the online marketers who are providing managed WordPress hosting at affordable charges.
So, if you are considering WordPress hosting and looking for the best hosting provider, keep reading this article. It will feature the best-managed WordPress hosting provider of 2019 to ease up your research and offer some solid information. Hence, you can go through this list and avoid the trouble of hosting WordPress content from scratch.

What is Managed Hosting and Why is it Necessary for your WordPress Website?

As the WordPress platform is gaining huge popularity nowadays, many web hosts are offering specialized products and services for online customers. This includes creating WordPress accounts for them and managing each and every activity on it. Hence, the professionals who are providing managed hosting services will be responsible for all the technical aspects of your website.
You, on the other hand, will be able to stay away from any kind of online disputes or troubles on your WordPress site. So, overall the hosting service providers will be taking all the necessary actions for updating your website. Also, they will be handling specific tasks like searching for WordPress update and backing up the site’s data on a regular basis.
In managed WordPress hosting, the professionals will also deal with the security, speed, uptime, scalability, and other aspects on your site. Hence, the owners will have ample amount of time for investing in the content and overall improvement in their blogs or websites. Also, this is an effective solution for those who are experiencing any kind of technical issues after launching their WordPress sites on their own.

Some Advantages of Choosing Managed WordPress Hosting

Before discussing the best-managed WordPress hosting provider of 2019, it is important to understand a few benefits of these services. So, let’s have a look at the pros of investing in managed hosting for your WordPress website.

Site’s Performance and Speed Improvement

Managed WordPress host can ensure that your website never faces any problems regarding overloading or any other technical error. Also, it utilizes modern tools and optimization techniques to improve the speed as well as the performance of your site.

Enhance security level on your WordPress site

With these services, you will never have to worry about hacking or theft of your website’s data. The experts who will provide a managed host for your WordPress site will take all measures to prevent online threats.

Recommendations and Support for Site Optimization

Based on the type of your website, you will be able to receive the necessary technical support from the professionals. Also, if there are any recommended updates, the experts can help you to install them with managed hosting.

List of the Best-Managed WordPress Hosting Provider of 2019

If you want to know which are the best-managed hosting provider for your WordPress site, there are many names on the list. As there are several hosts in the list of the best-managed WordPress hosting provider of 2019, you can’t just pick up anyone. Hence, in order to select the best WordPress host for your site, you must check out the details regarding some popular names.
Thereafter, you can choose the host based on your budget, technical requirements, preferences, desired traffic, and many other aspects to manage your WordPress website.

WP Engine

One of the leading providers for managed WordPress hosting is WP Engine. If you consider their services and tools, it will host the site and offer outstanding uptime. Also, you can rely on their experts to provide unlimited monthly transfer and enhance the overall security of your WordPress site.
With WP Engine, users will be able to make use of many modern tools, which are necessary for web hosting. It includes features like 24/7 technical support and automatic regular backups for your website.
WordPress Hosting Provider
Its monthly membership plan starts from $35 along with a 60-day risk-free feature. For big organizations, WP Engine provides a ‘Custom’ tier plan for managed hosting WordPress facilities. If you are looking for a mid-range membership plan, you can select between $35 to $115 for availing the services from WP Engine. It’s the most expensive plan can cost around $290 per month.

GoDaddy Pro

The managed hosting from GoDaddy Inc consists of a wide range of web hosting tools for businesses. It provides advanced support and client management tools to the WordPress site owners. They offer a solution that enables the developers to include multiple clients. Also, it uses a single dashboard to manage their profiles.
WordPress Hosting Provider
Users can access the GoDaddy Pro dashboard for free. This will provide basic maintenance for many WordPress websites as per their requirement. However, if you select paid services from them, you can explore additional features like uptime monitoring, migration, cloud backups, and automatic security checking.

WordPress VIP

If you select the hosting services from WordPress VIP, they’ll offer a fully managed platform based on cloud technology. According to the customers, with this service, you will be able to get access to web hosting guidance from the experts. They will also offer you round-the-clock support for the website’s maintenance along with code reviewing feature. WordPress VIP also enables users to have their own ZenDesk and Git repository accounts.
WordPress Hosting Provider
In order to avail these services, you will have to approach the VIP professionals for getting a quote.


The setup process of SiteGround is quite faster than other managed hosting services for WordPress sites. It offers many exciting features to the site owners in the form of cloud and shared hosting. They also provide dedicated servers for the overall managing and maintaining the WordPress websites of the customers.
WordPress Hosting Provider
SiteGround has five data centers, which they utilize for hosting your website. The services will include modern tools like free SSL certificates, regular back up facilities and CloudFlare CDN. It also offers 24*7 support services to the WordPress site owners while managing hosting for them.
The monthly plan starts from $11.95 for StartUp, $19.95 for GrowBig and $34.95 for GoGeek membership on SiteGround. It doesn’t provide a free trial but, refunds money if not satisfied with the services within 30 days.

Choosing a WordPress Hosting Provider…

Managed hosting service experts take care of the automatic backups on site’s content regularly. They also ensure that the virtual site downtime becomes zero. With their services, the owners will be able to understand the proper utilization of WordPress development tools for their websites.
In this article, you came across some of the popular managed hosting services for WordPress websites. However, to know more about these services from hosting providers, you can go through similar articles on WordPress hosting. Also, you can share your views regarding the best-Managed WordPress hosting provider of 2019 in the comments section.

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