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Apple Included a New Data Retrieval Process in the T2-Equipped MacBooks

Apple initially launched the T2 chip on December 14, 2017. iMac Pro was the first macOS product that had this next-generation security chip. With this T2 chip, MacBook users can keep data encrypted. Moreover, Apple users can prevent unwanted malware attacks with this high-end processor. Apple has added Advanced Encryption Standard technology in its T2 chips. It aids in reducing the chances of data breaching scenarios. With this security chip, Mac users can recover corrupted data without any hassle.


Recently, Apple has added a new data recovery feature in its Mac’s T2 chip. And, this security feature will be available on the iMac and MacBook Pro. But, do you know why Apple added this exclusive data recovery method in the T2 chip?

T2 chip’s security features were incompatible with Apple’s data retrieval processes. Earlier, it was difficult to recover data from the T2-equipped water-damaged MacBooks. Additionally, an expert finds it difficult to retrieve the lost data from the logic board. But, with this new data recovery process, you can get back the data if the logic board is partially functioning. Make sure to turn on the MacBook to perform the data recovery jobs.

Do you need more updates on this latest T2-based data recovery process? Here are a few details of what Apple mentioned in their recent documentation:

What Do You Require to Complete the Data Recovery Process in the T2-Powered Mac Devices? 

Over the years, Mac’s T2 chip has gained popularity for offering a plethora of benefits. But, certain drawbacks are there in a T2 chip. It is vulnerable to data security threats. And, this security chip paved the way for online hackers to access Mac devices.

Even Smart Data Recovery experts face hindrances to recover data from T2-equipped Macs after cyberattacks. And, Apple received numerous reports about this data recovery difficulties. So, Apple introduced an additional data recovery mode in this Mac processor. It will bring convenience in retrieving the required files, images and cloud data. But, there are certain requirements associated with this new data recovery process.

The Data Recovery Dubai experts need to have a high-functioning USB-C and USB-A cable. Repair the faulty Thunderbolt port before initiating the data recovery process. Or else, the Mac data transfer process might get interrupted. Get into DFU mode to complete the data recovery process.

But, do you know how to enable the DFU mode in a MacBook Pro? No! When the MacBook reboots, hold the right shift, left control and the left option keys. Release these three keys when the Apple logo appears on the screen.

How Much Time This New Data Recover Method Takes to Complete?

You have to use Apple’s internal diagnostic software to start the data retrieval process. And, brooding to Apple, this process might take 10-20 minutes. But, the data transfer time might increase if there is an ample amount of data.

Do you need to transfer more than 10GB of data? Then, the data restoration process could take two days to complete. Contact Smart Data Recovery experts if you are unable to retrieve the office files.

Why Did Apple Remove the SSD Connector from MacBook Pro?

In the 2018 version of MacBook Pro, there was an SSD connector. It helped worldwide users to recover their accidentally removed data easily. However, Apple removed this storage medium from the latest version of MacBook Pro. Instead of an SSD connector, Apple integrated the T2 chip on the MacBook Pro. The reason is that it offers a super-fast data recovery process.

Which Mac Models have a T2 Security Chip?

Apple included a T2 processor in the Mac Mini in November 2018. Additionally, Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Air also has this security chip. Do you want to know whether the Mac device has a T2 chip or not? Go to the Apple menu first, and then hold the Option key for a few seconds.

And, when the new window pops up on the screen, tap on the “System Information”. From there, choose the Controller option. You might find this option as “iBridge”, and it depends on the macOS you use. In this section, Mac users will get T2-related information.

How to Recover Data from T2-Secured Mac Devices?

You can only recover data from T2 chips if it’s not physically damaged. Use T2’s Apple Repair Staff feature to get back the formatted files. Moreover, you can use Time Machine, and it’s an in-built Mac data recovery app. To retrieve the T2 chip data with this tool, try to locate the folder where all the removed data is stored. Select the media files that you want to restore. Don’t forget to tap on the “Restore” option right after that. After this, the Time Machine will move the lost files to their original location.

Alternatively, you can download a third-party macOS data recovery software also. But, make sure to choose a reliable recovery tool to restore data in T2-equipped MacBooks. Before installing any application, consult with the Smart Data Recovery experts.

Is it Possible to Repair a Broken Apple T2 Security Chip?

Apple confirmed that Mac’s T2 chips are unrepairable. Therefore, if it gets damaged, the MacBooks will become inoperable. Even the Mac devices will refuse to boot, and you can’t retrieve the required data.

So, you have to buy a new MacBook, as you can’t replace the damaged T2 chips with a new one. Due to overheating, a T2 security chip can stop functioning. So, take preventive measures and save the hassle of buying a new MacBook.

Can You Prevent the T2 Chips from Getting Damaged? 

Consider cleaning the clogged vents to keep the device’s temperature in control. Don’t use multiple applications at the same time. It can generate excessive heat within Mac devices. Find out the problematic applications and remove them immediately from the MacBook. Additionally, you have to keep the device on a clean and flat surface. Don’t unnecessarily keep the Mac screen on if it is no longer in use. For further T2 chip prevention tips, contact a MacBook repair expert now.