Fix the 'Software Update Is Required to Connect to Your iPhone' Warning on Your Mac

This is really annoying when you try to sync your iPhone with the iTunes, and all you get to see is a pop up which shows a message like “Software update is required to connect to your iPhone” on your mac. Go through this article to know how to resolve this issue and what are the reasons behind such error.

Reasons For This Alert

If you have installed the updated version of the MacOS, but you are running an outdated version of the iPhone, then you would definitely get such an error. As the software has to be compatible with the system. In case, you have uploaded a new version of the iPhone, but have not installed the updated version of the MacOS, then you also get to see this message appearing on your system’s screen. However, in order to overcome this limitation, you have to update and install the updated software in both of the systems.

How To Sync Your iPhone With The iTunes?

In the beginning, you get to see a window where the alert pops up. It shows “Would you like to download and install the update?” Well, if you have a strong internet connection with your system, then you should simply click on the Install to update the required software.

However, you also have an alternative option. You can open the App Store on your Mac and locate the updates Tab. If there is an update available, then you can immediately the latest version. It’s better to run macOS High Sierra. As there are apps which are highly compatible to work with the High Sierra. Thus, you do not need to face any compatibility issue.  

You should carefully update the software which consists of downloading and updating the supported software. Once you update the software version, make sure you are going through a proper way to install it.

What to do if it fails to install the update?

Though this is a rare case, you should know the way to overcome the limitation too. In this case, you can run the latest version of the MACOS, for the iOS 12 betas.

Alternatively, you can use Xcode Beta on your Mac. Locate the App Store on your Mac. It is available for free. To download the latest beta version of the XCode, you have to visit the developer site. After that, you can sign in using your Apple ID.

Well, installing XCode beta is not easy at all. Once you install the XCode beta, you have to open it by double-clicking on it. You have to put a password to proceed more. After that, you can see a window “Welcome to the XCode”.

Next, you can open the iTunes to sync or play music.