How To Enter Cash Tips TouchBistro

The TouchBistro is a hand-held POS terminal used in the foodservice industry to seamlessly help vendors run their businesses. It has different features, like cash tips/gratuity and inventory management.

Cash tips or gratuity are words that may be used interchangeably. They mean compensation for good service.

Cash tips or gratuity may be entered into the TouchBistro POS system in two ways; automatically or manually. Cash tips are entered so taxes may accurately be calculated and deducted from staff salaries.

Before we go further, let’s review what a TouchBistro POS system is and its cash tip feature.

What Is A TouchBistro POS System?

TouchBistro is a portable touch-screen point-of-sale (POS) system made specifically for restaurants. It allows businesses to make easy transactions at the point of sale. It has features that can

assist businesses to boost profit and enhance customer service.

These features(like menu and table management,

gratuity/tips, staff scheduling, and payroll, etc.) come in the basic TouchBistro POS. Additional features such as gift cards and reservations may easily be included at an additional cost. TouchBistro offers round-the-clock customer support.

According to , Smaller dinners and mobile food trucks will be delighted with the TouchBistro features. Unlike the big restaurant, they but may not be able to utilize the entire.

packages they pay for. The pos is more effective for big diners.

Another benefit of the TouchBistro POS system is the variety of integrated software available. The restaurant that already uses software like QuickBooks can easily facilitate their process. The TouchBistro POS software is flexible, so restaurants with multiple locations will manage all summaries at once.

What Are Cash Tips?

Managing tips are important. Cash tips are gratuity or rewards paid to staff immediately after service. This is different from their paychecks or salaries.

Below is a little information to know about the cash tip.

❖    Tip Ownership

The tips are owned by the server in charge of the table when the customers are seated. In cases where there are multiple servers, the wait staff who produces the ticket owns the tip.

❖    Recording Tips

Tips are recorded based on card tips, cash tips, declared tips. Declared tips are left on the table, and the wait staff declares at the end of shift. Card tips are added during card payments. Cash tips are given in cash.

❖    Tips Payout

Wait staff may payout all their tips as cash at the end of a shift.

How To Enter Cash Tips On TouchBistro

Cash tips or gratuity as a feature of the TouchBistro may be entered manually or automatically. Automatically, the tips are calculated and added to the bill. TouchBistro will only automatically record cash tips when the REQUIRED RECORDING OF CASH TIP setting is enabled.

Cash tips are recorded and calculated at the end of a wait staff shift. The staff is reminded to enter all tips accrued during the shift. An admin or manager may only access to correct a cash tip error.

As this service is optional, it may be set to be manually inputted as required. Below are the steps involved in entering cash tips on TouchBistro.

  1. The Gratuity Settings

Click On The Gratuity Settings To Set How TouchBistro Processes Tips.

Some restaurants have rules that require servers to give a percentage of their tips to a pool. This tip pool is shared amongst other support staff like cooks and hosts and is called a Tip out.

2. Withholding Percentage.

You may enable a withholding percentage on credit card payments if you manage the tip out pool. Activate the Calculate Credit Card tip out setting and input the Tip Out percentage. It will be calculated on credit card tips incurred by the wait staff.

This will deduct the amount of Cash Owed to Server on the staff clock out shift report.

3. Display Name

The display name will show as “Tip Out to House” on the shift summary. It indicates the restaurant’s money for the support staff entitled to participate in the tip pool. If this is not your preferred name, you can also adjust the name.

Click on the Tip Out Display Name and enter the name you prefer.

4. Tip Out Amount

As the Admin, you will notice the total tip out of all your wait staff in your End of Day report. From the “Tip Out To House” figure, you can determine the sum to pay qualifying support workers. The tip-out withholding is not calculated on cash tips.

It is not determined based on the cumulative (cash/credit card) transactions. It just withholds credit card tips from established ones. You may contact your accountant for any tax issue that might occur under your jurisdiction.

5. Withholding Vendor Charges On Credit Card Tips.

Many jurisdictions authorize an employer to withdraw the vendor charges tied to tips on a credit card. When a customer leaves a credit card tip, the jurisdiction requires the employer to withdraw the merchant fee. This merchant fee is withdrawn from the employer.

To customize this retention, you can use the tip Out to House setting. In the Tip Out Show Name area, customize the retainer’s name (for example, Credit card fee withheld). Join the merchant charge percentage in the Tip Out Number sector.

6. Adding A Gratuity For Big Groups

When servicing larger parties, you can apply an automatic gratuity or service fee. Scroll down to the segment named Auto-Gratuity. Enter the minimum number needed on the Checkout screen to enable the gratuity attachment and gratuity percentage.

Set the minimum group size and default percentage to zero if you don’t want to charge an auto gratuity. Add Authentication to restrict wait staff from the right to wave or change the number of gratuities.

7. The Gratuity Settings

Gratuity appears by design on the guest check. Edit the Gratuity Show Name if you would like to modify the word that appears on the guest check.

After setting up how your venue conducts the automatic gratuity, you can change the mode by tapping Gratuity Mode. Below are the modes.

  • Mode 1: include in tips

this setting treats all tips and gratuity as the same; the tip report will show gratuity merged as tip.

  • Mode2: calculate tax in gratuity

this setting allows automatic taxation. the tip report will show calculated taxes or gratuity

  • Mode3: separate from tips

If you have your gratuity setting on mode 3, a Tips Report will show all gratuities collected by the restaurants regardless if they were collected via credit cards or cash.

What Are The Benefits Of Entering Cash Tips On The TouchBistro POS

Let’s recap. We have examined the TouchBistro POS system, cash tips, and how to enter them.

We would like to shall bonus tips on the advantage of entering cash tips on your POS.

❖    Calculating Wages

It helps in the estimation of staff salary payments. Calculations make be tasking as you have to withhold income taxes and FICA taxes on staff income. Note that Both the maximum Social Security amount and the extra Medicare levy are also subject to tip income.

The TouchBistro helps you calculate the FICA taxes on employers’ tips also. In payroll quarterly and annual tax reports, you must have employee tip revenue and withholding. And, as required for tip withholding, you have to make payroll tax deposits. All of these details are considered by your TouchBistro POS and calculated easily.

❖    Employee Reporting

Entering cash tip on the touch bistro pos helps with effective employee reporting. Employers of tipped staff are expected to report all their earnings to the IRS, including tips earned by employees. Many workers collect their tips directly in cash to avoid being taxed.

They may be reluctant to disclose the exact income to employers. The POS helps each employee file a “tip report” for each payroll cycle. This is to ensure that the employees report the correct amount of tips they earn.

Before clocking out, the tipped workers record the cash they received during their shift. This report will help you keep better monitor what they are given. You will be able to report the profits and salaries of your business to the IRS effectively.


The TouchBistro is a portable pos terminal used by restaurants and other foodservice businesses. Cash tips are set to be entered manually or automatically. Cash tips and gratuity both mean rewards for good service. Recording cash tips helps in calculating employees’ payroll and withholding the right tax percentage.