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Best Places to Sell Your Mac

Thinking of selling your Mac but wondering where to do it? This article is for you.
Here, we have pulled out the best places to sell your Mac. Remember, the amount you can get when you sell your Mac depends on several things including the specific specs, the competition and the amount Apple is offering at that time. The place you are selling your Mac will also affect the price.
The websites we have listed in this article ensure you get the money in your hands quicker and easier. For instance, when selling your Mac at Macback UK, it’s as easy as getting a quote and within a few hours, you get paid.

  1. MacBack.Uk

If you are looking for a sure way to convert that Apple device of yours into money, then head over to mac back. Here, you will sell your device quickly and hassle-free. It takes only 40 seconds to get a quote and you get paid by bank transfer or PayPal.
The greatest thing about MacBack is that you will get the best market return for your Mac laptop. You can sell your used iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, iPad, MacBook Air and more.

  1. Computer Exchange

CeX or Computer Exchange is also another website you can sell your Mac hassle-free and quickly. The prices for buying and selling Apple devices and other electronic devices are displayed on their website. So, before you sell your Mac, you can check whether they have a good price or not. For instance, you can sell an Apple MacBook Air 7, 2/i5-5250U/8GB Ram/128GB SSD/13″/OSX/B at £313.

  1. Sell Your Mac to Your Local Mac Reseller

Another best place to sell your Mac is through your local Mac reseller. These are authorized Mac buyers and sellers that use the Apple Reuse and Recycle program. You could either exchange it for a new model or sell it for the money. If you intend to exchange it for a new model, you might be required to pay some extra cash to add to the amount you get for your old Mac.

  1. Sell on Amazon

On Amazon, you can sell almost everything you want fast and easily. On the product page, you will see the words “Sell on Amazon”. Here, you will just need to click the button and list your Mac. The website is easy to use and its fees are transparent. Also, nowadays there are millions of people who are selling old or new products online through Amazon affiliate programs, like this website the buyers trend. They bring traffic to their websites through Google by writing buyers’ guides of Amazon’s top products. Thus they earn commission on every single sale they made through their Amazon Affiliate link. If you have any such website, you can place your Mac Ads there as well. This is also one of the finest ways to sell Mac online.

  1. Sell on eBay

Another popular website to sell any old tech device is eBay. The website has a huge number of users and lists items fast. Here, you start by searching for your Mac model and the website recommends the price for you.
The process of selling items on this site is as easy as taking photos and uploading them on the site then adding descriptions and determining what shipping options to take. The site will also estimate the shipping charges or you can add yourself if you wish.

  1. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace was launched at the end of 2016 due to the buying and selling of items that was being done in various Facebook Groups. Today, millions of people use Facebook Groups to buy and sell items every month.
The launching of Facebook Marketplace was to make it easy for people to buy and sell items locally.
The only problem with Facebook Marketplace is that you are more likely to get scammed, especially if you decide to use other outside payment options apart from Facebook itself. It is also not available in some countries.

Final Words- What to do Before You Sell Your Mac

If you want to sell your old Mac, you do not want to end up regretting later. Why do we say so?
Chances are that you have tons of files and documents stored in it. The last thing you want to see is selling it only to come and realize that all the sensitive documents and files are still intact.
So, before you sell your Mac, you should prepare it by cleaning both outsides and wiping it inside.
Here are the steps to follow to prepare your Mac for selling.

  • Clean it outside
  • Back up data and information
  • De-authorize Apple services (iTunes, iCloud, and iMessage)
  • Wipe the hard drive
  • Install a new macOS