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How to Cut and Auto-tune on GarageBand?

Got excellent singing skills but want to edit your vocals? 

Garageband has got you the right deal you are looking for. A free app; we all enjoy the great features it provides. Autotuning and cutting tracks are two significant aspects of composing, that’s where GarageBand can ease up the process. One must know how to work on these two to compose great content successfully.

If you’re someone looking for cutting and autotuning in GarageBand, you’re at the right spot. 

In this post, we have featured a step-by-step walkthrough to cut and autotuning in GarageBand. 

So let’s dive in. 

How to cut an audio track in Garageband? 

Cutting and pasting are some of the most required tasks when it comes to audio editing. While using Garageband, you must know their audio cut procedure to use the app smoothly. 

We have simplified these steps for you so that you do not have to watch long youtube videos and waste your time. 

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Step 1: Add a track

To cut any track, you must add an existing track on GarageBand to work on it. 

Step 2:Check Track line up and BPM

To cut your track, you must first ensure that your music is lined up correctly. Then you must also check if the beats per minute are also rightly set.

You can double click on your track to know if you have lined it correctly or not, you can make changed there below and line up your track.

To change your BPM, you can double click on top in the BPM column to add whatever tempo you want to play your track.

Step 3: Select the Bars you want to cut.

If you have lined up your track correctly, you can easily cut any number of bars you want to.

Select the number of bars you would wish to cut.

For example, I have considered bars 3 and 4 of my track for cutting. I will select Bar 3 as of now before I give the cut command.

Step 4: Give the cut command.

To give the cut command, click command + T. The bar where you have placed your cursor (Bar 3 as our example) will be selected. Now you need to go to the end of bar 4 and click there and give a Command+T again to choose the two bars successfully. 

Step 5- Copy and Paste

Once you have created a cut in your track, you must successfully copy it. To copy, click command + C. Once it is copied, you may go to any bar where you would like to paste the cut track. To paste, you will have to give the paste command, which is Command+V. This will paste your track as your designated bar. I have chosen Bar 8 to have my cut track paste; therefore, Bar 8 and 9 will have the same track as Bar 3 and 4.

This completes the process of cutting and autotuning in GarageBand.

How to Auto-tune in Garageband? ( Step by Step Guide)

Auto tuning is a great feature that is provided in Garageband free of cost. On our website, you will find the easiest way to auto-tune your tracks by following just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Add a track

To auto-tune any track, you must add an existing track on GarageBand to work on it. 

Step 2: Select your vocal track

In your composition, you will have many tracks compiled; you must select the vocal track you would like to auto-tune.

Step 3: Open the editor.

You can open the editor using two ways; one is simple, double click on your vocal region, and your editor will open below. You can also open the editor by clicking the scissor tool, placed on the top left of your screen.

Once your editor is opened, you must click on the track option to auto-tune.

Step 4- Adjust pitch correction

Pitch correction is the excellent auto-tune feature of Garageband. You may adjust the pitch correction based on your understanding and wants. It is preferable to keep it at 50 for it to sound more natural, however for raps, you can keep it at about 80 to 85, and for soft singers, you can go lower than 50 as well. 

Final Verdict

GarageBand is a great free tool offered to apple users to make the best use of their singing skills and compose music. Autotuning and Cutting tracks are very simple if you follow our step-by-step procedure. If you are a windows user, you can also download GarageBand for pc version

We hope this post suits your purpose well. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Does GarageBand have pitch correction?

The Pitch Correction Slider is displayed on the left of the Editor window. This limits the notes that the Pitch correction tool from Garageband corrected notes in the 
key of your Garageband project.

Does melodyne work with GarageBand?

You can also use Melodyne as your own software or as direct plugin to the Garageband. You just need to open it as typical application at the bottom of your toolbox to bring up the 
autonomous version of the plug-in.

What does pitch correction do in GarageBand?

All regions (both your own recordings and loops) of the selected path will be adjusted when 
tuning is corrected. Tuning adjustments can only produce precise results for single note (monophonic) audio areas, so make sure that there are no chord regions or untouched sounds on 
the track.