Android Rolls Out iPhone X-Like Gestures With Enhanced Customization

iPhone X has made a pathbreaking launch in the world of smartphones. The foremost feature that it introduced is the swipe gestures by ditching the traditional home screen button. The software-based swipe gestures soon got replicated by the android. the feature is much appreciated due to its natural navigating way with approx fluidity. OnePlus 5T users have the last laugh as the latest firmware completely navigates with the Beta program.

Enable Swipe Gestures on Android phones- Here’s How

Basically, there are three most possible methods that are found to be useful for activating swipe gestures in Android phones. The easiest out of the three is the Navigation gesture application. The custom gesture app widely gets interrupted by security measures aided by the operating system. You can also make use of the custom gesture app that can be activated through your application settings page.


How to enable smart gesture in android?

In the quest to find some reliable solution to this trouble, here are some of the most effective way out-

Download gesture application

You can easily download the navigation application for gesture recognition and it will make your trouble simpler than ever. For that, you will just require a PC and prompt an ADB command. This is one of the most useful ways as it does not include any root or substratum that veils the navigation bar. Along with that, there is also no navigation bar on the phone function. That means, any swipe up from the bottom of the screen will not showcase any partially veiled bar.

Gesture control setup

If you are seeking some instant solutions, then “edge gestures” will work completely for your aid. It allows you to choose from a number of apps that includes both paid as well as unpaid ones. The apps also include some of the iPhone-X verified applications like the ones that make the navigation bar visible to users. In some other cases, it also comprises of swipe gesture similar to the pill-shaped handle of iPhone X.

Th performance impact is quite appreciable as it does not drain battery life significantly even if some gesture overlays and runs simultaneously. The swipe gesture is a personal favorite of a number of users that allows them to multitask in a variable number of ways. It also makes the actions fast by cutting down the time to launch a particular application. The feature is such that with just a swipe up it will make any application launch as well as shut down in no time.

Things to remember

One important thing you must make sure of is to launch the setup app prior to veiling the navigation bar. Apart from that, also ensure that your PC is completely configured with USB debugging. If not, you will need to go through the accessibility menu once more. By accessing the gesture ap menu, you will have to disable the custom gesture temporarily.

Make sure to not make use of the immersive mode as it will command a number of drawbacks as well. Also, you should make sure that the immersive mode is without the root. This is because a programmed swipe up gesture can take you back to the home screen any time along with launching the navigation bar real quick. However, the launch will appear whenever there is an apparent invoke into your device keyboard. At times, this becomes too irritating to use. It also has possible measures in the form of non-root application.

A rooted device attached to a substratum have trivial ways outs that make the navigation bar visible at times. However, the plugins do not arise much of an issue in this regard. On the other hand, the Rooted application is also quite beneficial in this aspect that only requires you to reboot your phone. Once you reboot your device, the navigation bar will vanish away and will not reappear until you force to launch it.

The above methods are quite beneficial in offering swift resolutions to launch iPhone-X like gestures in Android. Try out the remedies and share your feedback in the comment section below.

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