What Is The Difference Between Hosting And Managed Cloud Services?

The market is today’s world is saturated with hosting options, and many find themselves wondering what the difference is between hosting and managed cloud services. Hosting services and managed cloud services are two of the most common solutions on the market today, and the differences are apparent.

A Hosted Service

A hosted solution is the more traditional option of the two. With hosted solutions, you have one server, and it is reserved for your personal use and only your personal use. In many cases, this also means that your server will be located at your worksite. If it’s not, it will be found at a data center. No matter where it is located, the server remains yours, and no one else will use it.

The most important part of this is to realize that your company is solely responsible for managing and monitoring your hosting service. That means you have a qualified team with the knowledge to keep the service safe and secure. It also means the team can maintain and discover problems with the server as well.

A Managed Service

A managed service is similar to a hosted service because the server is in a remote area. However, the difference is that the support available is through a managed service provider. However, the benefit of using a managed service is that you don’t need any following.

  • No need for IT staff
  • No platform maintenance
  • No platform maintenance
  • Configurations customizable to you
  • Solutions customizable for you
  • Support

Understanding Both

As we’ve said above, the most significant difference is that one service offers a virtual machine, the other provides a physical server. The physical server needs a lot of power and specialized software. The virtual can be run on several different devices, which offers a more straightforward solution for most businesses.

Another difference that can affect your decision is how quickly the server can be fixed if something goes wrong. A virtual server tends to be more favorable because it can work efficiently and promptly whenever you need it. Instead of waiting on delays and spikes from traffic and other issues, you get the help you need right away, without fail.

Choosing What You Need

Understanding the differences between the two servers will allow you to choose precisely what you need and enable you to decide what is right for you. Take your business to the next level by getting the solutions that will take your business to a higher level of professionalism.