Resolve Error ‘Device Is Not Certified By Google’ With Ease

In today’s date, Google is the support system behind every company, small or big. It is the trendsetter and a synonym for trust. With its vast resources and a more natural human interface, Google is becoming a household brand and “Just Google It” our favorite catchphrase.

In that case, every device should get a certificate from the Google domain to enjoy the facilities. However, that is not the case always. Recently, the company ceased some Android devices which were uncertified. Imagine you buy a new smartphone and receive the message “Device not certified by Google.” What will you do? Well, we will discuss some probable ways to resolve the error and unblock the application. So keep reading till the end.

Not Certified By Google

What Is ‘Device Is Not Certified By Google’ Error?

Android is an accessible open source system, and any company can remodel or modify it suiting their standards. Customers can choose between their favorite brands( Samsung Galaxy S9, Google Pixel 2, Xiaomi Mi series to name a few) and install any number of applications they want. Google, on the other hand, want these companies to keep parity with each other.  

The portfolio of Google is enormous. You will find endless apps and services catering to all the needs of the people, navigation tools, photo editing tools among others. Other applications do not work without Google support. Even online brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay do not ship their products without its approval.

That is the reason why Google wants every android device to follow specific guidelines and requirement set in the CCD or Compatibility Definition Document. The machines should pass the CTS or Compatibility Test Suite to install the Google apps and services. However, some manufacturers are ignoring the guidelines, and the customers are becoming the victims later.

Though Google cannot ban such companies, it is creating a loss for them. So, with its tracking device system, Google is directing all the manufacturers to get a certificate and warning the users with the error code.

What To Do To Unlock The Application?

It is necessary for the user to know the state of his device. A standard way is by setting up the Google account. You will see that while installing Google Play or Account, a warning pops up and you cannot access the Google Play store or any other application.

To check further, you can open Google Play Store and click the settings and check the about section. In the About column, you will find the command necessary.

In case, the device does not have a certificate attached and displays “Not Certified By Google”,  it means it did not pass some Android exams. To unlock such applications, find the GSF ID of the smartphone or tablet. It is present as an app in Play store.

  • Next, copy the code in GSF and enter the details in the Android ID catalog. You can visit the website for a quick review.
  • Once you enter the number, click the register button. Gradually you will find a registered ID and use the applications you want.

Parting Words

Google is trying hard to balance all the devices under one roof. Many people depend more on other browsers and do not like Google apps. Google does not discourage such people. They can still use third-party apps or custom ROMs for their work. But the move of generating codes is just a way to secure millions of users using browsers and websites every second. All of us love our smartphones and tablets, and Google initiative is making sure our love does not turn into disgust.