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Top Best Android Apps for Free: Know The Secrets Of Using Them

There are millions of apps in the Google Play Store and some of them have the same functionalities. Users might try all of them without knowing which one is the best to go for. Hence, we have created this article compiling the best free as well as paid Android apps that are popular all the time. These selected apps are considered to be the top best Android apps of 2019. So, instead of trying all the available apps, follow this article as a guide to know the high-rated apps.

Explore the Top Best Android Apps 

We have selected only the best ones for you among the tons of amazing apps. You might be familiar with these apps but still, let’s know them in detail.

1. Nova Launcher

This app is available in the App Store for several years and has gained popularity. It is a user-friendly app that works flawlessly at a  high speed. People can use this app the way they want due to its tons of customization. You can even modify this app and change its looks using the numerous icon packs available in the Play Store.
top best Android apps
Nova Launcher has folder and icon customization for supporting app drawer customization. The scrollable dock, notification badges, and a dozen of other gestures facilitate easy navigation through this app. Nova Launcher is free to download and most of the features of its prime version are free to use.

2. Bouncer

It’s a security app that belongs to this list due to its unique premise. By using this app, you can grant temporary permissions to applications. For example, you have allowed Facebook to access your location for visiting a place. Then, Bouncer disables the access once you have left Facebook.
top best Android apps
As a result, you can exploit all the features of a social media app without changing its permissions in the settings. This app is available at a quite low price and will work on most of the other apps.

3. 1Weather

The 1Weather app features a simple design to forecast the weather for up to 12 weeks. You can easily come to know the current weather conditions. Along with this app, you will get a set of lightly customizable widgets and severe weather notifications. The inbuilt radar informs you if a storm is approaching your location.
top best Android apps
Even the free version of this app is equipped with all these features. This app tends to be more interesting with its wide range of weather fun facts. Apart from this 1Weather app, Weather Underground, Dark Sky, and Today Weather offer the same range of features.

4. Google Drive

All Android devices have this cloud storage solution and get 15GB of data free after signing in. Google Drive has become so special due to the suite of Android apps attached to it. These Android apps include:

  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Slides
  • Photos app

top best Android apps
These apps are equipped with many features like collaboration, deep sharing, and compatibility with Microsoft Office Documents. Though Microsoft Office is a great alternative for Google
Drive, Google’s solution is far easier to use.

5. Google Maps and Waze

Google Maps stands as one of the best Android apps ever. With the help of this app, you can get access to places of interest and traffic data. Since Google maps are now available offline, you can use it even when there is no internet connection on your device.
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Moreover, the Waze experience includes tons of features to avoid the requirement of another navigation map.

6. Google Assistant/Google Feed/Google Search

It is a highly recommended app that is supported by most of the Android devices. After downloading this app, you can ask it whatever help you would like to have from it. Its variety of commands let you perform a variety of tasks. Hence, you can control lights, ask about the movie timings and reviews, live sports scores, nearby shops, and restaurants.
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Furthermore, you can obtain personalized updates regarding the matters that interest you. Apart from this, Google, Chromecast, and many such products extend the functionality of Google Assistant. Last but not least, Google Assistant is absolutely free.

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7. LastPass Password Manager

It has turned out to be a must-have Android app that enables you to save your login credentials in a secure way. Besides this, the app can generate nearly impossible passwords for your account. It adds to the safety of your login credentials as hackers would be unable to think of such passwords.
Android Apps
The cross-platform support lets you use this app on computers, mobile devices, tablets, and whatever device you want. You can go along with the premium version of this app that is relatively cheap. LastPass Password Manager comes with an extra authenticator app to make it user-friendly and secure for users.

We have clearly discussed all the basic features of the top best Android apps for free. Therefore, install these apps on your Android device without further delay.