Proven Ways To Integrate Instagram And Social Media For More Traffic

There is a host of social media channels that will help you to make the best of your business marketing efforts and raise the number of organic traffic to your official website.
Amongst all these channels, Instagram digital strategy is in vogue now among several business owners, small or big.
However, back in 2011 when Instagram was not so popular and favored platform in the social media circuit. The scenario was completely different. Over time, this has become the most productive and cost-effective mobile photo-sharing app due to its features and power to promote any business or product.
You can even enhance the power of Instagram. If you incorporate your social media account you will get to see a significant rise in the number of organic traffic to your website. All you have to do is use proper pictures and videos along with useful, relevant and compelling links. You can also check out the Instagram growth services to grow your profile rapidly.

The change in scenario

If you think it in a different perspective, Instagram is much similar to a cigarette break. In these modern days when people are more conscious about their health, more and more Americans have given up smoking. But they still need a short break of about 10 to 15 minutes from their work to relax and rejuvenate their tiring brain cells. With careful observation, you will see two things such as:

  • Since they do not need to fiddle with their cigarettes and lighters anymore, it makes more to have a look at their Instagram profiles for anything new, whether it is any information of an event or about their favorite brand.
  • You will also unmistakably see more and more people with that easily noticeable upward thumb flick gesture while they scroll through the Instagram feed during their short mental break.

This change in behavior and concept of the people most brands are cashing on. They have also recognized the fact that Instagram can prove to be their best friend in terms of marketing their business, provided they can drive their Instagram followers towards their respective official sites.

The rise of digital content marketing

Digital content marketing is therefore on the rise and more and more businesses are trying their level best to get most social media engagement so that they can drive the users to visit their official websites. This will serve their two primary intentions such as:

  • It will result in more organic traffic and in turn
  • It will raise their chances of lead conversion.

The Instagram app is specially designed for smartphones. The design ensures that the square image takes up just the correct amount of optical real estate. And at the same time leave enough room for you to show the photo caption along with the engagement activity under it.
Therefore, you can say that it is the textbook example of a snack-able content for smartphone users.
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Integrating with social media

To make sure that you make the best of the social media to increase traffic to your website you will first need to focus on your internal marketing communication teams.
If you find that they are unfamiliar with Instagram or any other social media channel for that matter, you will need to take a completely different approach.

  • It is required first that you determine the best ways to integrate the Instagram platform into your social media marketing efforts.
  • You will also need to know the unique challenges that may be presented down the road as Instagram is virtually exclusively mobile.

Therefore, you need a slightly dissimilar workflow so that you get your content published on this specific and most useful platform.

Use the best photo

Lots of sites are there on the internet that will speak about a plethora of ways in which you can best integrate Instagram and social media marketing for an increased number of traffic.
However and unfortunately, you or your marketing team will hardly find these sites. These are talking about the most significant aspects of Instagram marketing in details.
The most significant thing that you should consider to expedite your process of integrating Instagram into your digital strategy. As well as for promoting your brand on this platform is to focus on the pictures and videos to use.
To start with, you must ensure that you use the best photo or video that is of high resolution, quality and clarity. For this, you will first have to:

  • Identify the best photographer on your team if you are not the one you have full confidence on.
  • If you do not find anyone in your team you may also hire one for that matter.

You must not take this thing lightly and think that any photo will do in this regards. In fact, for brands wanting to make the best use of Instagram by integrating it with the social medial channels. And their digital marketing efforts selection of the right photo is a game that has a very high stake.

The stakes are high due to several reasons such as:

  • No individual follower of Instagram is apt to follow any and every brand they come across this platform
  • They are always looking for better and more appealing Stories
  • They want to relate the picture, video or Stories with their lives and resonates emotionally to find its usefulness.

This facilitates in the buying decision in the end which is the primary objective of your digital marketing campaign. If they are attracted by the photo and are interested to know more about your brand or product. They will look at the link underneath.
If that link is compelling enough as well, they will click through it to visit your site and thereby increasing the number of organic traffic towards it. This will eventually make your digital marketing effort productive and cost effective.
However, you may not have the budget or resource to hire a professional photographer for this matter. In such a situation the only alternative is to practice using your smartphone. Take help of sites that will teach you the process to compose great square pictures with your smartphone.
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