5 Mobile App Trends that will rule 2019

There have been significant leaps over the past few years in the field of mobile app development. Since the smartphone was introduced back in the early 2000s, mobile app developers have become more creative and innovative. Now we witness a new era of mobile apps – smarter, better, and more practical.
Some mobile apps have failed after launching, some have succeeded, that’s why it’s so important to choose the right mobile app development services. Experts weigh in on the next biggest trends on mobile app development for 2019:

  1. Instant Apps by Android

Thanks to Android instant apps, it’s easier for mobile developers and companies to showcase their apps to customers. This app allows a demo version through a link. There’s no need to install the app and try it. The demo version lets you access the full feature of the app.
Compared to Progressive Web Apps (PWA), instant apps allow for better user experience when playing mobile games. This year, Instant Apps by Android will take off.
It’s a good tool for users to make better decisions when choosing an app and a great opportunity for businesses to attract more customers.

  1. The rise of IoT Apps

With Amazon launching its “Echo” device, 2018 saw a rise in the use of IoT apps. Google has also followed suit by launching mobile devices under its name.
In 2019, there will be more space for users who wanted to control their device’s hardware like speaker, light, and other tools. Thus, more companies will develop apps for hardware control. These IoT apps will be very much handy in 2019.

  1. Complete mobile app experience through Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWAs are web apps which deliver an almost complete mobile app experience. These apps do not take up a huge amount of storage space on devices. It simply needs a browser and a web connection for it to run. You can also install it on your home screen if you wish to use it offline.
One of the many advantages of PWAs is that it works even with a low-bandwidth network, and perfect for phones with low memory capacity. This year, there will be more PWAs and more users will be using it over regular apps. It will have the same features and almost all the capabilities of a regular app.

  1. Continued rise of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a trend which kicked-off two years ago and is predicted to rise in the coming year. Since Pokemon Go was launched, more companies are looking to diversify by offering AR. Its sister, VR, is also a widely used technology among different industries all over the world.
This feature allows for a more intuitive experience for the user due to its interactive interface.

  1. Leaving the mobile app “Ecosystem”

The app ecosystem of Apple (iMessage, Final Cut Pro, for instance) is slowly leaving its home, as it’s now introduced even to Android. This trend is seen to rise this coming year, as major player Google will also do the same.
Users are looking out for useful apps and this won’t limit them to apps that are built in on their devices. This also opens more opportunities for companies to market their mobile apps and products, not just to a specific segment.
SMS marketing is seen to rise as well, pushing for more people to leave the mobile app ecosystem. Even if social media giants Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram win the most number of app installs by users, there are over 5 billion people worldwide with a mobile phone capable of receiving an SMS. This just shows the power of SMS marketing over mobile apps.
Stats show that SMS have a 98% open rate within 15 minutes of a user receiving it; compared to a Facebook ad with an average of 1.61% CTR. Thus, SMS marketing will surely be a crucial part of every digital strategy.
Which other mobile app development trends do you see flourishing in 2019? Let us know in the comments below.
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