Cocktails can be good for you – Five important reasons to consider

The lover for spirits and its benefits have always been something debatable. There have been two schools of thought always. One that supports drinking your choicest cocktail drink and one that doesn’t support it at all. However, today the world is becoming less rigid than before. And people can openly talk about their choices in terms of the best drink. Also, science keeps sharing about the health benefits of various food and beverages, which includes cocktails as well.

The love for cocktail

The famous cocktail shaker is often filled with alcohol, science, and innovation. And those are the same ingredients that go into your health. And this is where most people doublethink on the matter of cocktails. Is it possible to drink alcohol and add to your health? The answer is simple. Cocktails don’t just add to the calories, where most have their debate on healthy vs. unhealthy drink. But it is also about the vegetable and fruit servings that are provided with it. And with that come the medicinal properties, nutrient value and anti-oxidant level which adds to the flavor as well. No wonder this is the reason why most people who love their beverage, are making a shift to cocktails.

The count of cocktail drinkers is increasing

Today, every fifth drinker is choosing a cocktail drink over whiskey, beer or wine. This result came out of a poll where several people, distilleries in Colorado and other organizations shared their findings. Some researchers had surveyed almost 2000 UK adults. These people have confessed having switched from beer pints to the exciting martinis, margaritas, and mojitos. The number of cocktail drinkers and spirit-based drinks are increasing phenomenally. It has made many people get cocktail making devices at home. It saves them from the hassle of visiting bars and pubs. They make their drink and enjoy it anytime they want within the comfort of their house.
According to The Modern Cocktail Guide, today people in the UK have developed an excellent taste for a cocktail. These people are interested in learning about various mixes. It only shows that they are keen on pairing the best platters with homemade cocktails. And this is creating a place for a better community experience. Getting together at homes instead of pubs and hotels are gaining predominance. Most people love to sip their best cocktail drink at home before dinner or an evening snack with friends and family.

Reasons why cocktail drinks are beneficial

This increasing switch towards alcohol drink is not only because of the convenience of making it at home. Many other reasons are contributing to the growing number. Five crucial reasons are explained below:

  1. It presents you with a low-calorie choice

Do you think you are outgrowing Vodka and soda? If yes, then it’s time to bid them farewell. It’s true that vodka and soda are low in calories, but it’s high in other health dangers. It’s possible that you feel sleepy as you drink it. And that can make you unconscious and sometimes choke. In Vodka there are 96 calories in every 50ml. However, soda water comprises of zero calories. And this makes it devoid of all nutritional value.
You have better choices with a cocktail. Also, cocktail enables you to get flavor back to your drink.  Bourbon, as well as gin, usually range anything between 97 and 110 calories every 50 ml. It depends on the brand as well. That means you can get better taste and value in other drinks than vodka and soda. Also, Vodka and soda have become very common and can be boring for many now. If you are planning for a switch, make it now with cocktail drinks.

  1. Your source of Vitamin C

Have you seen at the garnishes that come with cocktail drinks? If yes, then you know where the source of Vitamin C comes from. The garnish choices that you get in bars, restaurants, and pubs include citrus fruits like lime and lemon and also vegetable salads with tasty seasoning and dressing. Vitamin C helps you to balance and boost the immune system. It also neutralizes the free radicals that can hamper skin tissues and cells.
Also, some cocktail drinks use fresh fruit juices as its base to add spirit. Here too you have a chance to gain from Vitamin C. However, make sure you are careful about the levels you drink. Nothing in excess is good for health. Be careful not to maximize the sugar levels in your body.

  1. The mixers and the medicinal properties

You need to know what gets mixed with your best spirit. And this will determine what goes into your health and how healthy it is. You need to keep a watch on the mixers if you want your waistline to be under control and also gain other health benefits. Tonic water comprises of Quinine, which contributes to the bitterness and is a natural solution that can prevent malaria.

  1. Spirits and their medicinal elements

Gin often is a clear winner, when it comes to medicinal properties. It has ample herbal goodness. It is composed of angelica root, juniper berries, sage, rosemary, nutmeg, citrus peel, lemon grass and many more. And all this provides ample healing benefits. Juniper berries are known to be filled with anti-oxidants and can heal an infection. It can neutralize the free-radicals. Drinking a glass of gin when you are slightly unwell is a smart call.

  1. Bitters and their medicinal properties

The majority of cocktails use bitters as an essential ingredient. It is beneficial for the body. The Angostura bitters are known to have therapeutic properties. And it also comprises of quinine and orange peel. It is a smart solution for hiccups as well. Sometimes, it is the best cure for an upset stomach. Therefore, you will draw the benefit of bitters from cocktail drinks when you make the switch.
However, the most critical factor here is the frequency and measurement. You need to ensure that you are not overdoing your cocktail drinks. Keeping a balance and measure is essential. When you keep to the measure, you will benefit from cocktail drinks and its nutritional content.

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