People spend an average of over 1,900 minutes a month online

Whether on a smartphone, tablet or computer, we spend an average of more than 30 hours per month on the Internet! This is a huge opportunity that all businesses, including small and medium-sized businesses and SMEs, can and must exploit.

What do people do when they are connected?


Online shopping

Most people shop online. In 2013, these purchases represented 364 billion euros in Europe.


In 5 years, video viewing has seen tremendous acceleration with three-digit growth. Social networks, YouTube, Netflix, etc. broadcast daily videos that are viewed by millions of people around the world.

Social networks

Almost 1/3 of the time spent online is on social networks. Socialization, exchange and sharing on these platforms has largely democratized, including Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.
In a very short time, therefore, digital technology has considerably changed our daily life and the relationship we have with businesses and brands. So now let’s see how YOUR business can benefit.
How to take advantage of this opportunity when you are a small company?
Small businesses often think that their development through word of mouth is sufficient and that a presence on the Internet would be a source of unnecessary expenditure.
We will see that in any case, the Internet will contribute to the success of your business!

The benefits of an Internet site

A website allows you to have an opportunity to enjoy the search results by controlling the information that the user will find on you. And it will allow him to learn a lot about you!
But your site will also serve your existing customers (information reminder, presentation of new products or services, announcements of special offers). It will also save time for your teams by providing the answers to the most frequently asked questions (opening hours, etc.).
Show your know-how in a video, offer the testimonials of your satisfied customers, present if you wish your rates, propose a plan of access to your company, list all the products and services that you offer, allow to to contact you by means of a form, to refer to your pages of social networks … so much example of information which you will be able to give and which will help your prospects and your customers to know you better, to trust you and to build a relationship over time with your company.
It is not necessary to offer all this information on a site as soon as it is launched, but these are all content tracks that you can offer your users.
But this is only the part of your online presence that concerns your site, the Internet still offers you many opportunities.

Targeted advertising

Unlike traditional advertising, online advertising allows you to target very precisely the people you want to reach.
The first, and not least, is offered by sponsored links from search engines (Google, Bing …). Thanks to them, you can only display your ads to people who are looking for your products or services! You can also choose the geographic area in which the user will have to be for your ad to appear.
With statistical analysis tools like Google Analytics you will be able to know how people behave who click on your ads (know if they consult certain specific pages, watch your videos, fill out your forms …).

The pages of social networks

They can be a perfect complement to your website. You can broadcast different content, more visual, more fun to create a close relationship with your customers.
A powerful and efficient Internet presence is within the reach of all companies. It only remains for you to jump in the best conditions by preparing the best your project.

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