Features to look for in the advanced spy voice recorders

Are you involved with the private investigative department? Are you getting trained to be a successful spy? If yes, then other than your quick thinking, smart reflex behavior, sharp logic, and other mental faculties, you need to focus on a couple of other things as well. One of the most critical aspects that you need to concentrate on are the devices that you carry. A detective or spy in the modern day will have to depend on these devices and smart equipment to procure evidence and address his investigations.
advanced spy voice recorders
It is essential for a spy to be intelligent! And this intelligence needs to get exercised while selecting the best voice recorders. Today, useful and high-end voice recorders are required for recording secret and private conversations. The market has plenty of them to choose from. If you want you can check the best ones at https://spycentre.com/products/mini-micro-stick-voice-activated-recorder. But it is essential to determine the best voice recorder as well. Given below are a few parameters that will help you identify each feature and choose well.

  1. The sound quality setting and format

Today, the majority of voice recorders provide WMA or MP3 file format. And these formats are accessible when it is about storage and file compression. However, in particular situations, equipment that comes with a PCM (WAVE) format is considered most important. The sound quality is excellent and even unique than that of a CD. The other essential aspect is that the alternating file format and compression level is also excellent. For retaining the high-quality sounds or recording for a lengthy time, you need to check on this aspect.

  1. Sensitivity and type of microphone

Today, the latest voice recorders come with an in-built mono microphone. And the sound sensitivity and recording quality is based on its parameters. A high-quality microphone can capture the conversation at a range of 10 and 12 meters. The latest and advanced microphones come with stereo microphones. Hence, the sound is real, crisp and very clear. Additionally, there are a few devices that provide the chance of plugging it to another microphone.

  1. The memory type and capacity

It is one of the essential features to check for. Your investigative assignments might be of long duration and you need to record every minute conversation and other aspects, in a day. The majority of the voice recorders today use flash memory, which is an in-built chip. In some voice recorders, it also comes as a replaceable memory card, such as the likes of SDHC or a micro SD memory card.  It is entirely logical to think, that bigger memory capacity is always better for the device as well as the task at hand.
The large storage capacity makes more sense for devices that provides a high-end PCM file format. The average voice recorders come with an inbuilt voice memory space between 1 and 4 GB flash memory. It is a quick call to opt-in for the voice recorders that provide the chance of expanding the memory to almost 32 GB, through the expandable/replaceable memory cards.
These are three essential features that you need to look out for when you are selecting a voice recorder for your investigative purposes.

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