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Why Refrigerator and Dishwasher Manufacturers are Against Repair & Promote E-waste Generation?

Nowadays, renowned refrigerator and dishwasher manufacturers offer high-end products. But, due to consistent usage, fridges or dishwashers can get damaged. Sometimes, a lack of cleaning can make these electric-driven appliances dysfunctional. Though, these latest appliances are durable and easy to maintain. 

Most of these advanced refrigerators and dishwashers are expensive these days. As a result, homeowners opt for spending more money on repair expenses. And, if these sorts of devices stop working within 2-3 years, that can bring a lot of inconveniences. 

Nobody wants to buy a new fridge or dishwasher anytime soon. And, for this reason, users consider taking professional help in the first place. But, sometimes, the fridge or dishwasher repair might be cumbersome. Certain parts of these appliances can not be repaired or replaced. As a result, it creates more hassle for the fridge or dishwasher repair technicians. 

Why is it Difficult to Repair a Fridge and Dishwasher Instantly?

Dean Landers, a leading appliance repair service company owner, stated a few facts. He exemplified that completing an appliance repair job can be daunting. Especially when the diagnostic data or electric codes are hard to access. Moreover, his associates were unable to fix appliances even after applying effective solutions. As a result, customers need to wait for a long time to get their devices repaired.

Do you know what happens if you don’t fix the appliances on time? Yes! It deteriorates the condition of the damaged appliances even more. And, for which, the fridge or dishwasher owners have to replace the device immediately. This drives the appliance manufacturers to restrict further repairs. So, instead of hiring a fridge repair Dubai expert, you have to buy a new one. 

Can You Experience Problems in a Fridge or Refrigerator within Five Years?

Many repair experts claimed that 30% of appliances cause problems within 4-5 years. More than 60% of Electrolux fridges and dishwashers are problematic. Additionally, the more features the appliance will offer, the more it will fail. 

However, LG stated that it had fixed the compressor problems from 1.6 million fridges. But still, users face difficulties in using advanced refrigerators. After getting enormous reports, LG currently provides a 10-year warranty on compressors. Along with that, you get a 5-year warranty on the fridge’s cooling units. So, you get to fix issues free that occur within this warranty period.

Why Fridges and Dishwashers are More Prone to Damage? 

Refrigerators and dishwashers come with 9-10 years of longevity. However, due to inadequate maintenance, these devices can break down suddenly. Moreover, heavier appliances are more susceptible to damage than lighter ones. 

Over time, the manufacturer has included new features in the refrigerators. But, that didn’t help to minimise the high repair costs. Furthermore, the fridge, be it new or old, contain compressor motors. According to the repair experts, this unit is more fragile than the others. 

When Should You Replace the Broken or Malfunctioned Fridge?

Due to overheating, the refrigerator’s compressor motors can stop working. Moreover, if you use a fridge for a long time, this component can get damaged. And, repairing compressor motors can be nerve-wracking for the technicians. 

Is the condenser coil or fan motor isn’t functioning properly? Don’t try to fix it. Because the fridge makers are recommending replacing the fridge in certain instances. There are a few more signs which indicate the fridge needs immediate replacement. And, if you get the following problems, consider dumping the refrigerator into e-waste:

  • Frozen units
  • Water leakage issues
  • Spoiled foods
  • Loud noises
  • Excessive energy consumption


When Should You Consider Sending the Dishwasher to E-Waste?

Usually, a dishwasher breaks down within 4-5 years due to excessive food accumulation. Make sure there are no food crumbs in the washer arms and pump screen. Or else, it can impact the cleaning operations of the dishwashers. 

Don’t provide excess pressure while making this home appliance dirt-free. And, that can damage the dishwasher units. Don’t repair the dishwasher, if the repair cost is more than the buying cost. 

Moreover, even if the repair cost is half of the dishwasher’s initial price, then replace it. Did you repair this home appliance a few months or years back? Don’t repair it, instead dishwasher manufacturers advise sending it in e-waste.

Is the Frequent Appliance Breakdown Creating Pressure to the Authorised Repair Companies?

The manufacturers reduced the repair costs of those appliances that are on warranty. Usually, a dishwasher or refrigerator comes with a year warranty period. But, depending on the manufacturer, this warranty period might last longer than 1 year. According to experts, the latest appliances are getting damaged faster than before. 

Though, manufacturers have promised to offer sustainable home appliances. But, they are unable to produce long-lasting dishwashers or fridges in the last few years.  And, for this reason, the manufacturers are pressuring the authorised technicians to fix the devices at a low cost.

Nowadays, 80% of household owners repair their devices from authorised centres. Because certain technical problems can be resolved by authorised companies. There are electronic units that require programming codes to fix. And, an unauthorised technician is unaware of that. 

But, the manufacturers want all the repair companies to be authorised. An unauthorised company might not want to become authorised, if they don’t offer OEM parts. Moreover, these companies won’t fix a critical dishwasher or fridge problem at low rates. 

Why Should You Avoid Repairing Appliances from an Unauthorised Company? 

Appliance makers have made stringent rules regarding faulty device repairs. Based on that, the users can’t fix their devices from unauthorised service providers. It not only voids the product warranty, but also damages the equipment even more. Additionally, more than 43 product manufacturers have threatened the users since October. 

Apple has strictly mentioned that users should never install any third-party screen. And, other device manufacturers have attached warning stickers on their products. These repair restrictions will protect the manufacturer’s reputation and increase the sale. So, repair the fridge or dishwasher, only from a legitimate appliance repair company.