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Secure Your Android Device By 8 Best App Lockers

At present, Android phones contain lots of sensitive data, so you need more security to secure banking apps, note-taking apps, gallery apps etc. Even when you give your device to a kid, you should prevent him from accessing your phone apps. You can get total security from undesirable access from an app locker in your Android device. But nowadays, some devices have a built-in app lock, but most of the devices don’t. So if you don’t have any built-in app locker, then go to the Google Play Store, and download any app locker whatever you want. Such types of app lockers are given below:

App Lock


Best App Locks For Android 2018

  • AppLock: It is a well-known Android lock app, most of the users like it and the users use it a lot. Even you can set a password for each app on your phone to prevent illegal access. You can hide photos and videos from the gallery by using it, and put them in a private box. After installing this lock app, you have to create a master pattern lock. Whenever you open this app, you must have to draw that pattern to access this app. Even from the app drawer, you can hide the app icon also. In this app, you will get the option to set different profiles to look for different apps. Even you will get an option to set a fake cover to locked apps and fingerprint recognition also.
  • Norton App Lock: It is also a very popular name in the antivirus software field. It has a good benefit. it doesn’t provide any ad, which makes users very irritating. It is an ad-free Android app locker. You can lock this app by setting a PIN or pattern or a finger scanner. It secures your apps, photos, and prevents the trespasser to uninstall the apps, and captures a photo of the trespasser. This app will suggest you which apps you should lock and which not.
  • Privacy Knight: It is one of the best Android app, which has outstanding features to secure your apps. It is also an ad-free app locker, and any in-app purchases are not contained by it. This app locker provides you various types of locking processes, like PIN, pattern, fingerprint scanner, face tracking ambien online with no prescription etc. If any unknown person types the wrong password, it will capture a photo of him.
  • Perfect Applock: You can secure your apps on your device through this app, by using a PIN, or pattern, or gesture password. Aside from third-party apps, you can lock your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and internet data. This app has an extra feature, which is the Screen Filter feature, by which you can operate the screen brightness of each app. Even you can set a rotation lock, to avoid unwanted screen rotation. You can manage your outgoing and incoming calls by locking using this app.
  • Lockit: You can lock your phone screen by using this app. It has some inbuilt facilities, like a file scanner, phone booster, notification cleaner. If you want to create a master password, you can use a PIN or pattern. You can hide the pattern draw path also.
  • Hexlock App Lock: By using this app, you can enable a profile based on the WiFi network, with which you connected your device. Even it captures the photo, including the location of the trespasser, who is trying to unlock the app on your phone. You can get many more features with this app like you can set uninstall prevention, app re-lock delay etc.
  • Keepsafe App Lock: This is one of the simplest app lockers. If you want to disable any app temporarily, this app will help you to disable it for a few hours. Though the app is present in a free version, it includes ads. Though you can remove it via an in-app purchase. You have an option to set a delay in re-locking apps.
  • CM AppLock: This app locker also has the same above-mentioned features. If an unknown person tries to open any app on your device and takes the three incorrect attempts, then it will take a selfie of that person. You can set the background of the lock page from your gallery, or can set themes inside the app. This app lock is free, and it is ad-free also.

There are lots of app locker apps on the Google Play Store. Among them, we discuss only the 8 best app lockers. You can choose one of them. I hope this entire article will help you to solve your problem.