9 tips for choosing an internet marketing agency

The online world is overtaking traditional marketing and has become one of the main destinations for marketing department budgets. The investment in online marketing is no longer a choice for businesses but in a digital world where everything is connected is a must. Here are 9 tips for choosing an internet marketing agency:

  1. Portfolio

First of all, you recommend that you look for an agency that has examples in its portfolio that adapt to what you need. That is, if you have a law firm or restaurant, the ideal is to go to an agency specialized in the sector since experience counts for a lot and will save you time in explaining what the priorities and technical language of the buffet or restaurant are.

Once in their portfolio, look for examples of similar projects so that you can see how they have developed their communication and thus have an idea of ​​the graphic solutions they implemented in the campaigns to know their style. Look at the quantity and quality of their customers. It is not the same to have the experience of working for a large hotel than in the deli on the corner. Not to mention, if they don’t have a portfolio.

  1. Experience

One way to see the level of knowledge and professionalism that the agency has is by reading its corporate blog. Look at the number of posts they have and the level of interaction. From the blog, you should find useful and valuable content that gives you a little light to your needs. From the blog, it should be clear that they know what they are talking about and above all what they like.

  1. Give time

Not all results happen in the short term. One of the keys to internet marketing is the patience to grow little by little. For this reason, it is very important to create a bond of trust with the agency that you decide to hire to be sure that you are working in the best possible way, even if you cannot see immediate results.

  1. References

After meeting the customers, it is recommended that the user interacts with them to know the form and quality of response. Another way is to get direct references from these clients through a phone call and ask for the details of the experience with the agency that manages the online presence of the business. With these options, objective answers will be obtained, which will help to choose the best marketing agency.

  1. Proposals

This is one of the most fundamental aspects to decide since you will have to contact the agency directly to explain your concerns and ask some questions. The user must know the services that it includes and be guided by the strategies that must be implemented. The time that will be required to obtain positive results, as well as to know the best social networks for the business. Proposal sketches may also be requested to obtain as much information as possible.

  1. Equipment

People with knowledge of advertising, digital strategy, web design and development, responsive web, social media management, web or web writing, work in an Internet Marketing agency. Along with possessing the skills and understanding required to tackle the job and get your business seen in front of the correct, receptive audience, your marketing agency of choice will also have the required tools to do their jobs. An agency that specialises in Google Shopping Management will have optimisation software to get your product seen and the ad clicked upon.

  1. Personalization with the client

The continuous interaction with the client and the personalization of the same, each client is an account, and each account a treasure to take care of. An online marketing agency will accompany you throughout your entire digital trajectory, will uniquely advise you and will ensure the fulfillment of your results through constant monitoring and personalized attention.

  1. Know how to work

Not all internet marketing agencies work in the same way. It is this diversity that makes the project interesting. To feel confident that you have chosen correctly, it is important to know how the agency works, what strategies they usually carry out, in what way, as well as what project they have planned for the company itself in particular.

  1. Perception

Before hiring the agency, you would recommend that you meet them and let yourself be carried away a bit by the perception they have transmitted to you. Are they proactive or waiting for your directions? At the end of the day, if it will be your agency, they should give you a good feeling, because you will see each other very often and fluency and good communication are very important.


When choosing an internet marketing agency, different aspects must be evaluated. The main one has to do with the objectives that as a business you want to achieve. Based on them, choose the agency that can best adapt to those needs, taking into account the budget, experience, references, and attention.

A key aspect that should not be left out when evaluating an agency is its online presence. It is also important to assess if it is well-positioned in search engines, if its social networks are active, among other issues. This is because, in the end, if an agency cannot position itself, it cannot position itself for its clients.