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PDF to PDF/A Transformation: Use GogoPDF for Seamless File Conversion

Many people have some PDF files that they need to keep for many years. It could be property and land titles, certificates of birth and death, and other important documents. Besides that, businesses and other institutions like schools, hospitals, firms, and many others, have PDF files that they need to store for a long time for future retrieval and use.

However, PDF files have a tendency to modify the layout, design, and overall formatting when kept for years. To get rid of these unwanted changes, you have to convert your PDF files to PDF/A format. This way, the file quality remains the same even after long-term safekeeping.

To do that, GogoPDF can help you complete the task in a matter of a few minutes. Therefore, check the full details below about the GogoPDF conversion tool to process the entire PDF-to-PDF/A file transformation successfully.

Converts PDF to PDF/A Seamlessly

When you look for a particular online tool, one of the essential features you need to check is the tool’s capacity to process your request in the shortest time possible. Don’t worry because GogoPDF lets you complete converting PDF to PDFA, consuming only a few minutes of your time. The system uses the most simplified file conversion procedure without any complexity and long processes.

To begin with, you have to visit the GogoPDF website to get your PDF files uploaded on its online conversion tool. Then, GogoPDF will start scanning every page of your files, ensuring all details will be carefully extracted. After a couple of minutes, the PDF/A version of your file is now available for download that you can save anytime straight to your device. That’s the quickest and the most simplified file conversion in GogoPDF.

Observes Consistency and Accuracy

The result of the file conversion process is the main objective of using an online tool. That’s why you have to make sure that you’re utilizing the right tool to guarantee high-quality converted outputs. In line with this, the GogoPDF platform will significantly help you achieve your goal. The system has the latest and the most innovative file conversion technology that observes consistency and accuracy.

Hence, the high-quality converted outputs are guaranteed in the end result of the procedure. When you upload your PDF files on the GogoPDF website, the tool will initially receive your command to transform PDF to PDF/A, and that’s the only thing the tool will process. Hence, whatever you have on your PDF files will all be the same in your PDF/A format. It’s just that the converted file can now preserve and maintain the files’ quality even after many years of keeping them in your device’s file drive.

Keeps User’s Files Privacy

Another important feature of a file tool that you need to consider when choosing one online is its capability to keep the privacy of the user’s files. When you upload your PDF files online, the system will complete the process right away. When it’s done, you can save the outputs straight to your device. You’ll then leave your uploads on the website, and you don’t know what will happen next.

Because of this, you might worry that someone may open, view, and use your PDF files without you knowing it. Then, the chance is high that your files may be put at risk. In line with this, GogoPDF came up with a resolution to respond to your concern. After you’ve successfully downloaded the PDF/A copy of your file, GogoPDF will remove all your uploads on its website after sixty minutes.

The file removal is complete and permanent. Doing so ensures that nobody can track your PDF files and have an opportunity to access and use them without your authorization. It’s also one of the big reasons why many long-term PDF users choose to stay in the GogoPDF platform because they are sure that their files are always safe and secure.

Accesses File Converter Easily

One of the benefits you’ll get from using the GogoPDF platform is when it gives you the easiest and the most convenient way of accessing its file tool online. You only have to go to its official website and use the file conversion tool right away directly to your files. There’s no need for any extended computer software or any apps to download.

You only have to make sure that the device you’re using to process file conversion is working properly, and you can connect it to a secure and fast internet. If you have these, you’ll indeed have access to the file conversion tool of GogoPDF anytime you want.


The file task of converting your PDF files to PDF/A format has been made easy and simple with GogoPDF. Therefore, if you have some important PDFs in your device that you want to keep for years, don’t forget to transform them into PDF/A, and GogoPDF will definitely provide you with the professional help and assistance you need for free.