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How to Prepare for SBI PO?

Amongst all the competitive banking exams in India, SBI PO is considered to be one of the toughest and most lucrative ways to enter into the banking sector of India. Because of the cut-throat competition, it is important to follow a well-planned strategy in order to have an edge over the other candidates appearing for the exam. The first step in this direction is to educate yourself about the syllabus and details of the c. To improve your exam preparation skills and methods, you should also refer to the SBI PO Mock Test.

Follow the steps of preparation given below to clear the SBI PO Examination with flying colours-

  1. Extensively Understand the Syllabus Requirements– The most common blunder committed by SBI PO aspirants is to overlook the syllabus. Many candidates start preparing for the exam without even going through the syllabus thoroughly. If you don’t understand the syllabus, you can never clear the SBI PO exam. Thus, in the initial days of your SBI PO preparation, devote time to understanding the syllabus deeply and clearly.
  2. Refer to the Previous Year Question Papers– By going through the previous year SBI PO question papers, you will get an idea about the kind of questions that are expected in the upcoming SBI PO examination. It will also help you understand the examination pattern and the amount of time that you should spend on each section of the SBI PO examination.
  3. Divide the Entire Syllabus into Chunks– The more you simplify the syllabus, the easier it will be for you to prepare for the SBI PO examination and retain whatever you have learned for a long. If you look at the syllabus, it will appear quite lengthy and monotonous to cover, however, once you divide it into small sections, you will be able to prepare for the SBI PO exam more efficiently.
  4. Know which topics are Most important– Refrain from devoting too much time on questions and topics that have low marks weightage or the least chances of appearing in the SBI PO examination. You will understand which topics are most important when you go through the previous year SBI PO question papers. Remember, time is precious, so spend the initial months of your preparation in covering the most important topics from the SBI PO exam perspective.
  5. Refer to the Authentic Online Resources and Study Materials– If you are stuck in a particular topic, you can obtain clarity on that topic through credible online sources and study materials. You can also watch the educational videos that are available for free to boost your SBI PO preparation. You no longer need to rely on expensive coaching institutes to clear the exam, you can clear the exam through self-preparation and online resources too.
  6. Use flowcharts and Mind Maps to easily memorize tough topics– You can learn even the toughest topics if you simplify them as much as possible with the help of figures, short notes, flowcharts and mind maps. These techniques will add more fun to your preparation and will also boost your visual memory and retention.
  7. Revise every topic at least 3 Times– Before appearing for the SBI PO exam, revise each topic at least thrice. This revision technique will help you to recall all the topics that you have learned on the day of the examination. Remember that without revision all your hardwork will go in vain, so never undervalue the importance of revisions in competitive exams such as the SBI PO examination.
  8. Give plenty of Mock Exams– The more mock exams you give, the better you will be able to perform in your SBI PO exam. These mock exams will not only help you to manage time well on the day of the exam but will also help you to figure out the weak topics that you need to improve on. The mock exams are an indispensable part of the preparation because they will ultimately help you build your confidence too.
  9. Avoid Guessing Answers because of Negative Marking– The SBI PO exam has a negative marking scheme, thus, guesswork won’t help you to clear this exam. On the exam day, you should first solve all the questions that you know pretty well and then you should proceed on to the questions that you are not so sure about. In the SBI PO exam, you are not required to answer all the questions, therefore, leave out the questions that you have no idea about to prevent losing extra marks due to negative marking.
  10. Take proper rest before the exam day– Sleep deprivation on the day of the exam can never help you to clear the SBI PO examination. You need an alert and fresh mind to answer the complicated questions in the SBI PO examination. Candidates with a well-rested mind perform much better than those who are well prepared but are sleep-deprived. Therefore, make sure that you sleep well before the exam day.
  11. Take care of your health throughout the preparation– Good health will help you to prepare for the SBI PO exam effectively, thus, ensure that your health doesn’t deteriorate during preparation. Make sure that you exercise regularly, stay well hydrated and eat nutritious food. Take short breaks in between your study sessions to rejuvenate and energise yourself.

In conclusion, you too can crack the SBI PO exam if you sincerely follow the tips and suggestions that have been listed above. Knowing about these strategies is not enough, you must implement them on a consistent basis to succeed in the SBI PO examination. Through your hard work, discipline and consistency, the SBI PO exam can be cleared in the first attempt. Based on your unique strengths and weaknesses, devise your own study plan instead of blindly emulating the toppers’ strategies.

The more you practice, the more conceptual- clarity you will obtain and the higher will be your chances of getting selected in the SBI PO exam. Best wishes to all the SBI PO aspirants!