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How To Delete A Gmail Account? Remove Your Google Mail Account With these Instructions

A majority of online users make use of Gmail accounts because of Google’s outstanding email services. But, there can be situations when you think of permanent ways to delete your Google Mail account. So, are you going through myriads of pages to know how to delete a Gmail account? If you are, then go through this article to learn about the procedure, its benefits and its consequences.

Here, we will discuss the changes that can take place after closing a Gmail account. Also, you can obtain a step-by-step guideline as to how you should delete your Google Mail profile. So, let’s check out the safest procedure to ensure that you do not confront any issue.

Why Many Google Users Are Thinking About How To Delete A Gmail Account?

As many people are focusing more on how to delete a Gmail account?, it might be a concern for most Google users. But, if you think clearly, there are valid reasons for wanting to remove the Gmail profile. So, before you start applying the steps to erase your Google account, know why users are preferring it.
According to some research reports, there are privacy concerns while using the services from Google. This can include availing Gmail service or installing various apps from the Google Play Store.
Also, numerous Google users are experiencing the issue of bulk emails from unauthorised users. So, it is quite obvious that your personal account information is shared with third-parties. Hence, you may consider switching to alternative email services after deleting your Gmail account.
Sometimes, the services associated with Google can also corrupt your Gmail profile. So, if you observe that your account has been compromised due to corrupted sections, deleting Gmail is a good choice.
If too many product promotions are incoming in your mailbox, you can delete the entire Google account. Some users also prefer to remove their accounts when Google itself disables certain features on the app.

Points To Consider Before Your Hit The Tab For Gmail Account Deletion

If you face any privacy or technical issues with your Google account, deleting it can be the best option. But, before you refer to the steps regarding how to delete a Gmail account, check the information furnished below.

What are the Problems you can Experience After Deleting your Google Mail Profile?

If you are seriou

No Access to Gmail Profile

s about removing your Gmail account, try to know its underlying consequences. So, let’s discuss the list of issues, which users can face after removing their Google profile.

Even if you apply the steps accidentally to delete the Gmail account, the action will be irreversible. Hence, if you are trying to check the steps just for fun, it will lead to the permanent deletion of your Google profile.
However, if you are doing this because of any valid reason, try to back up your important files before deletion. Also, provide an alternate email address to your contacts in advance and shut down your Gmail.

Reuse of Gmail Username not Allowed

Google’s privacy agreement with users doesn’t allow the reusability of Gmail username. Hence, if you are looking for an instant method on how to delete a Gmail account, decide whether you want to lose your username. Recovering the username after removing the original Gmail address will require a solution from professionals. But, this will provide this assurance that your deleted account will never be misused by anybody in the future.

Problems in Accessing Linked Accounts or Services

Google accounts are generally used for multiple purposes by linking it with other apps or profiles. This is very common for Outlook or other email services, which are necessary for many business setups. Hence, when you delete your linked Gmail account, it can block user’s access to other accounts. Also, if you have subscribed to any services from your Google Mail, removing the account will terminate the links.

What Are The Steps For Deleting Your Gmail Account?

In spite of all these issues, it is still possible to remove your Gmail profile without deleting the Google account. Also, if you are not thinking about the permanent deletion of your Gmail account, there are methods to disable it temporarily. Now, if you want to learn how to delete a Gmail account, go through the following points.

Prerequisite Steps Before Removing your Gmail Account

If you want to close your Google Mail account permanently, it’s advisable to back up your files quickly. Now, if you are not that tech-savvy but want to delete your Gmail profile, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Navigate to Download Your Data Window

In order to use this option to your advantage, access your Google account using the proper username and password. Then open the ‘Download your data’ page and click on the tab for performing this action.
The page will display the list of Google products available along with a checkbox beside them. So, if you want your Gmail account’s backup data before deleting it, scroll down this list. Here, you need to tick the checkboxes for the products, which you wish to back up.
In addition to this, Google developers also suggest backing up data from your Contacts, Calendar, and Gmail. If you have any other subscriptions from this Google account, try to save the data.

Step 2: Select Data you want to Download

It is the default feature on Google due to which all the products are ticked on the page of ‘Download your data’. You can easily figure this out by observing the green tick sign beside these checkboxes.
Now, if you don’t want to download every product available in this list, you can skip some. Hence, for removing the products from the downloads, select the box beside this green tick checkbox. As you click on it, the box will now contain the symbol of a gray X.
After making the product selection, hit the tab of ‘Next’. Then wait for the next window with the heading ‘Customise archive format’. Here, you will get the option to select the size and format of your archive along with the delivery method.
For the ‘File Type’ section, you can enter your choice as .zip, .tbz, and .tgz file. Also, choose the size range between 1 GB and 50 GB for the archive size.
However, to select the delivery method, Google offers multiple options to save the downloaded data. So, you can choose either Add to Dropbox, Add to OneDrive, Add to Drive, or Send download link via email.

Step 3: Create and Manage Archive on Google

If you want to create a proper backup for your Gmail account, try to select the option of sending via email. Once you are ready with the choices for ‘Customise archive format’, hit the tab for ‘Create archive’.
On the next page, click on the button of ‘Manage archives’ and wait for Google to display the confirmation window. Finally, hit the “Done’ tab and adjust privacy settings, if it’s necessary.

Step 4: Extract Files from Download Archive and Back it up

For those who will choose the ‘Send download link via email’ option, they will receive the link in Gmail. Hence, you will have to open the ‘Inbox’ for viewing the message regarding your Google data.
In this email, you will find the tab for ‘Download archive’ below the ‘Manage archives’ button. So, click on this tab and wait for your system to show the ‘Download your data: archive’ window.
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Instructions to Delete your Gmail Account Permanently

For those Google users who want the steps for how to delete a Gmail account, follow the points below.

Step 1- Manage Account Preferences on Google

In order to remove your Gmail profile, you have to navigate to the link for ‘Account preferences’. Basically, you can locate this tab below the section of ‘My Account’.
Next, you need to check the expanded view on the right side of the Google page. You can scroll down the screen and locate the section of ‘Delete your account or services’.
After that, hit the tab for ‘Delete products’ but, don’t click on ‘Delete Google Account and data’. Otherwise, it will result in deleting your Google account entirely.

Step 2- Create Backup and Select Alternate Email

You may now receive a message prompt for entering your password to delete products from Gmail. Hence, double-check your Google Mail address and then type the security key for signing in.
Wait for ‘Delete a Google service’ page to show up on your Google screen. In case, you have forgotten to back up your Gmail data, use the link for ‘Download Data’. Otherwise, click on the ‘Delete’ icon beside the service option you want to remove.

Step 3- Delete Gmail after Account Verification

The next window will appear along with the tab for ‘Send Verification Email’. Hence,
if you have another Google Mail profile, you can type that email address in the box.
Once, you verify the details regarding your new Gmail account, it will allow you to remove the current profile. So, press the ‘Got It’ button and click on the confirmation link on your new Google Mail account.
As you confirm this step, Google will display a new window with the heading ‘Confirm Gmail deletion’. Then read the instructions carefully before hitting the ‘Delete Gmail’ button.
You will receive a final confirmation regarding the account deletion in the form of ‘Gmail deleted’ window. Now, click on the ‘Done’ tab and this will register the final removal of your Gmail account.

Hopefully, now you know how to delete a Gmail account after going through this entire article. It has covered step by step process to download backup data from your Google account. Hence, this will help in restoring valuable information before scheduling Gmail for permanent deletion. Also, you can follow the above steps to remove your Google Mail account without any hassle. To know more about Gmail issues or advanced methods to install or delete Gmail, you can consult an expert.