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Game Ideas to Make your Bounce House Theme Party More Enjoyable

A bounce house theme in itself is so crazy that you don’t need anything else to make it more fun. But as we all know; kids are the powerhouse of energy and tend to get bored quite quickly doing the same thing. For that, maybe you can do something, for example, introduce a game that keeps them engaged. No, you don’t have to bring them out of the inflatable for this. The bouncy houses have enough space where you can make your kids play other games. It is just that you have to come up with a creative idea that will be suitable for the inflatable structure. Here are a few suggestions if you would like to try.

Bounce House Game Ideas for children’s party

Bounce pair race

Create two pairs of partners and make them occupy one corner each. The partners should stand in opposite directions. The moment you signal them to ‘Go’ they would need to swap the position with their partners by bouncing across the surface. The winning team will be the one who accomplishes this task first. The same can be repeated with the other set of children.

Say Freeze!

That’s a popular game that even adults play. Music plays in the background while they dance. When it stops, they freeze in their place. A similar concept can be applied here in this setting. Gather children in the bounce house, turn on fun music. Let them jump and bounce around. But, when the music stops, they should also stop immediately. The one who continues to move will be out of the game. You can play this game until a winner is found.

Time-based challenge

You can keep a 30s slot for the game buy diazepam from canada during which every kid will have to follow your command. You can ask them to bounce on one foot or two feet or imitate an animal while bouncing and jumping. The ones who do it without stopping in the 30s will remain in the game and others will be eliminated. The game would end as soon as you find one winner.

Balloon attack

Designate two teams for the game. Throw the blown-up balloons of two different colors in the bouncy castle. They should be equal in numbers. Tell each group which color they need to burst by stepping on it to be the winner. The one who manages to break all the balloons of the color they have been given to attack will be the winning pair. To enliven the mood, you can add some fun music in the background.

The sequence game

Similar to the idea of Chinese whispers, in this game, you can get all the children to sit down in a circle. The birthday boy or girl will begin the game with a specific move. The kid next to him or her will have to repeat the step of the previous kid and add one more to it. This way the chain will continue until one forgets to maintain the sequence of the moves and gets out. With each elimination, the number of players will come down, eventually paving the way for one clear winner.
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