Fix PlayStation VR Problems | Assured Measures Trusted By The Experts

Virtual Reality has surely changed the face of gaming that is delivering a wonderful experience for the gamers. The world of virtual reality is surreal, intense and perfectly designed like a pro.

Keeping all these attributions by side, there are also some of the major turbulences that plague the device as a whole. The common issues of PlayStation bring a lot of turbulence that is hard to fix. Here are some of the common errors out of the listed inventory of VR issues-


Frequent VR Problems in a Playstation

Unable to track | Disrupted picture quality | Signal Interference

If your device has a tracking issue then it surely will not perform the way it is supposed to. Generally, the issue arises with users complaining about their inability to track the movements properly. It is generally quoted with the error message saying- “outside the area”. The common stance makes the in-game input move freely without any prior instruction.

Talking about the source of origin of this error, the lighting error comes into the light. The series of blue lights present on the headset can make the primary tracking hurdled away. To make your in-game avatar reflect your instructions, you need to fix this glitch.

Solution point!

If you have any other light source interfering within, you need to take care of it. The issue can stem up from some light reflection from other light source situated nearby. Or you can adjust the PlayStation camera to make sure that it is not altered by any other light source. If the trouble is other than a mere light issue, then look for the play area. If you are randomly going out of the designated play area, then the issue is quite bound to arise. Make sure to be present within the six feet radius from the camera and it will clearly come up over the VR picture.

Cleaning is crucial! If you have your PlayStation camera with a huge mass of dust accumulated over it, then clean it right away. A dirty lens can create a series of trouble, more then what you can even think of. Thus, make sure to keep the camera lens clean and it will solve the minor issues regarding VR picture.

Another crucial thing that you should keep in consideration is to check for any other nearby Bluetooth devices. Some passerby Bluetooth connection can also alter the device functionality. It prevents the PlayStation move controllers and thereby creates a lot of unnecessary VR problems.

Gliding on to additional solutions

An outdated device can also arise in some of the major performance-based issues. Thus, updating your PlayStation VR device software can also act as a trusted solution to mitigate the issue. The blurry image formation on your VR PlayStation can also at times lessen the gaming experience. To fix it, you need to adjust the interpupillary distance. Make sure the lenses are fitted properly and have a measured eye-to-eye clearance.

The easiest way to tackle all the errors is to simply restart the VR device. A corrupted PlayStation display can get fixed by rebooting. Apart from that, restoring the power can also make the shaky images get cleared out. You can also try to amend the best calibrating light with proper PSVR settings. The screen mirroring error is another trouble that arises over the head-mounted display.

All the above solutions respective to the errors will surely upgrade your gaming experience all the more. Make sure to try them all out, but before that, check for the causes behind the occurring issues.