The Best DNS Servers To Use For Free That You Should Know About

DNS i.e., Domain Name System helps us to access sites by translating the domain names to the IP addresses after entering them in a browser. Whenever you will try to connect to the internet, your ISP will assign you the DNS servers. But in this process, you might face some problems as it is not the best choice. A slow DNS server can create many kinds of problems that cause a lag while loading websites. You can’t access any site if your server goes down sometimes.
It is wise to switch to a free public DNS server in order to get a better browsing experience. With the help of these services, you can keep your kids away from the worst of the web and keep a distance from infected sites. But at the time of selecting your DNS service, you need to take care.
You need to choose your service with care and in this case, we are going to help you. Here, in this article, we will tell you about 5 best DNS servers to use for free in 2019. Have a look:

Open DNS

Open DNS is owned by Cisco and it is serving since 2005. And, it is one of the most popular public DNS in the market. Let’s check the free services that you can get from Open DNS.
It offers 100% uptime and optional parental controls-type web filtering to block websites by content type, along with high speed. Along with they block the phishing sites by default, it and it offers free email support if anything goes wrong.
Best DNS Servers To Use For Free
It can optionally lock down your system by allowing access to specific websites only and it’s commercial plans enable viewing the history of your internet activity for up to the last year. And, it allows its users to choose the features from they offer.


When it comes to the top-rated content delivery network, the name of Cloudflare comes very first. And now, there is the extended range is available in the market that includes a new public DNS service, having the named
Best DNS Servers To Use For Free
The most interesting thing about it is that it focuses on the fundamentals instead of paying attention to any of the extras you’ll often see elsewhere. You won’t find any anti-phishing,  content filtering, ad-blocking, or other attempts to monitor or control regarding access.
And this particular thing makes it the fastest public DNS service around. And one of their main concerns is your privacy that is really important. another major highlight. Cloudflare really never writes the querying IP address (yours) to disk or it won’t use your browsing data to serve ads. At the same time, they produce a public report to confirm the fact that is keeping their promises regarding their service. Along with that, you can also get any kind of help if you need buy cheap ativan lorazepam from their community forum.

Google Public DNS

Like all the other web-related sections, Google has shown its skills also in DNS server not responding. This free and simple Public DNS server is an effective replacement for your ISP’s nameservers that you use.
Like the other DNS services, the privacy of Google Public DNS is quite well.

For troubleshooting and diagnostic purposes, the service logs the full IP address information of the querying device for a day. And all of these are generally deleted after two weeks except a small random sample.
And, you can get basic guidance from Google regarding the DNS services.

Norton ConnectSafe

Norton ConnectSafe automatically blocks access to fraudulent, malware-infested, and phishing websites, as a free DNS server as well as optionally filtering sites by content. Generally, it does work quite the same as OpenDNS and Comodo, but it is different due to one important advantage. From a complete database on more than 50 million websites around 23 languages i.e., Norton Safe Web, that it is used to take its data.
Best DNS Servers To Use For Free
It provides a major safety plus without having to install any software. From it, you will be able to get the best free web filtering performance around. It protects young children, by locking you out of a lot of content. It is not mandatory for you to maintain this policy. You can even stick with the plain Security policy for your laptop and you can lock down the tablet of your kid with this policy if you need.
On the ConnectSafe site, there are only very basic setup instructions. And it can be the best bet for you if you get it.

Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo Secure DNS is one of the best security products in the market that can provide you better user experience. It focuses strongly on safety along with the other features. It prevents you to visit the sites that can create problems due to spyware, malware and with parked domains overloaded with pop-ups and pop-unders ads. According to Comodo, they are far better than the average regarding smartness.
Best DNS Servers To Use For Free
And when it comes to the performance you will get well from Comodo. And you can also get advanced and additional features as per your choice from it.  At the same time, you can get help from them if you need.
Hope that after reading the whole article, you will get a clear view of the best DNS servers to use for free in 2019. So, we hope that whenever you go to find a proper DNS server for you, then this article will help you to get that. If you want then you can share your view regarding this subject with us. Thanks for visiting us.

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