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9 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Website’s Look

Do you want to revamp your website, done with the old-fashioned design? The pace at which the web development landscape is evolving, no trend is going to last forever.

To keep up with the emerging trends and stay ahead in the competition, it’s important to invest a few bucks in your website’s design once in a year or two.

In this post, I’m going to walk you through 7 ways to revamp your website and amaze your visitors with a new look.

9 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Website’s Look

1.     Get a New Logo

Rebranding starts from the logo. Have you ever wondered why brands keep changing their logo? Every design becomes old-fashioned and normal after a certain time – no matter how tantalizing it was in the beginning.

So if you want to change the look and feel of your website, design a new logo. Make it a memorable one, preferably much different from the older one.

2.     Change the Background

Does your website have a visual background, an image, or a video in the background? Change the existing background. If it doesn’t have any, include one. Make sure your next background is clear, engaging, and unique. Don’t just download licensed-free images, dare to use the real visuals.

You can show the people behind the brand, or give a virtual tour of your office. This will help in building trust and credibility. Particularly if you are offering services in a particular industry, giving a bit of background view of your day-to-day operations will help you to tell your story and stand out.

3.     Use a Different Layout

Your website has had the same layout for years, it’s time to change it. Think out of the box and come out with something unique, much more simple, and easy to navigate.

Follow the trends. Today’s trendy layouts are a far cry from the one we perceived as normal five years ago. Budge up more space for visuals, make the most important piece of information stand out, and imbue your website with a new look.

4.     Add Animations

Animations showcase your business’ unique features in a new way. And as it goes without saying, they are attention-grabbing. You are more likely to pay attention to the content displayed using animation over the text. Seriously, nobody has time to read huge chunks of paragraphs today.

Animations breathe life into your website’s design. And ultimately, you can expect a positive change in leads and conversions due to these. So if you haven’t got any animation on your current website today, consider adding a few to all the important pages.

5.     Introduce Icons

Do you have icons on your existing website? Despite their natural tendency to look more attractive and make the call to action compelling, some websites still don’t have any.

They could be social media icons, alternate to words like ‘read more’, or scroll down’. Likewise, if it sounds appropriate and you feel it won’t confuse your reader, you can use icons in the menu bar as well.

6.     Add a Carousel

Carousels with images can improve the click-through rate. So if you don’t have a carousel yet on your website, create one and include attractive images in it. Carousels can be used for creating product slideshows, a photo gallery of your products, or to display your company’s portfolio.

If you already have a carousel, modify it. Change the design and add new images. This should be your regular practice because regular visitors get used to the same look and carousel after a certain, adding something new is the best way to surprise them on their next visit.

7.     Add a Search Bar

People have short attention spans today, and mostly they are in a hurry. Whether they are looking for a piece of information on a website or a product on an e-commerce store, they expect immediate access to it.

Adding a search bar fulfills exactly that need of the user. Make it prominent and big enough for the user’s convenience.

8.     Embed YouTube Videos

If you have a YouTube channel, besides adding a link to it, do embed your YouTube videos on your website. This way you will entice people on your website to visit your channel, learn more about your brand, and get access to useful content.

But when adding videos to your design, ensure that they don’t obscure the important piece of information that you want to share or make it less prominent.

9.     Revampt the Content

And lastly, improve the content on your website. Not just the visuals but text as well. Content on your website should be up to date. Even if you don’t have time and resources to revamp the design, fresh content creation and updating of old posts are mandatory for optimizing your website for search engines.

As a web design Dubai service, we always suggest our clients revamp content along with the design revamps of their website.


Design revamp is a process of improving your website’s look and feel. So don’t hesitate to go beyond the industry trends and think of more creative ways on your own to give your website a fresh, attractive look.