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9 Top Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now

We all know that the demand for OTT platforms has rapidly grown all over the world, during the last couple of months. During the coronavirus lockdown period, OTT platforms are the best source for entertainment, as many production houses released their films. 

Amazon Prime is considered to be one of the best OTT platforms in the USA, and it offers various movies to watch. You can even spend your me-time by watching every Amazon Prime movie. And, the funny part is that you might even lose many hours, only scrolling, as it offers endless streaming scroll. 

If you are curious about top movies on Prime, then keep on reading, as we have listed a wide range of best movies streaming on Amazon Prime right now. 

Top Movies on Prime Right Now

Here, we are going to discuss the best movies which are streaming on Amazon Prime right now. We will make sure to update the list regularly and this will help you not to run out of viewing movies or web-series, shortly. 

This list of movies includes various genres such as action, drama, romance, thriller, horror, road trip, music biopic, etc. In this list, you should have a little something for everyone.

1.Sound of Metal 

This is the best prime original movie of the year 2020 and you can say it is a heart touching movie about empathy and rebirth. The crew on Sound of Metal stars Riz Ahmed, Paul Rack, Olivia Cooke, and many others. The writer of this movie is Rian Johnson who is the director of this movie, as well.

In this movie, Riz Ahmed played the role of a metal drummer who lost his hearing ability, and what are the efforts he put to live his life is the prime highlight of this film. Other actors like Olivia Cooke and Paul Raci acted equally, and Olivia portrayed Riz’s girlfriend and bandmate. Whereas Paul Raci runs a community for deaf recovering addicts. Make sure to watch it as it is one of the top movies on Prime.

2.Instant Family

If you are searching for top movies on Prime, then go for Instant Family. Sean Anders is the director of this movie, and he is also a co-writer of this movie. The other writer of this movie is John Morris. The cast of the movie includes Rose Byrne, Mark Wahlberg, Isabela Mercer, and many others. 

This is a story about a married couple who choose to foster children. But, not one child, three. When it comes to comedy movies, Rose Byrne is the unsung MVP for the last couple of years. In this movie, Bryne had done an excellent job and showcased not only his comedic skills but also his dramatic skills alongside Mark Wahlberg

We can say the movie is refreshing, full of laughter, and on the other hand, you can connect emotionally about the struggles and joys of foster parenting.  


This is one of the top movies on Prime. If you like to watch Twilight Zone inspired films, then you will heavily enjoy this horror and existential dread movie. The cast of this movie includes Imogen Poots, Jonathan Aris and the director and writer of this movie is Lorcan Finegan, Garret Shanley respectively. We can describe this movie as dark as hell and attacking. 

Imogen and Jesse are portrayed as a couple looking for their first home. But, they ended up in a weird suburban neighbourhood. They try to drive through many streets, but they will be unable to escape from that haunted place, and then the nightmare baby shows up. We can say that this movie will give you chills about the indifference of nature’s life cycle and the powerlessness of beings among them. 

4.The Vast of Night 

We can guarantee you that it is one of the best Indie sci-fi films and The Vast of Night is one of the best movies in 2020. Basically, this movie is all about investing in a strange sound that comes from the radio during a school basketball event. 

Sierra McCormick played the role of a switchboard operator and Jake Horowitz portrayed the role of a radio DJ, and they investigated the entire thing. This movie offers plenty of surprises and the screenplay of this movie is wildly compelling. We can assure you that after watching this movie you remember it forever. 


If you are a music lover, then just go for it. The director of this movie is Dexter Fletcher and the rest of the cast includes Jamie Bell, Richard Madden and many others. If you like to watch real-life inspired stories, then Rocketman is the best choice for you. This movie was inspired by Elton John’s early years in the 1970s and it staged a fantasy musical. This is an epic musical story and you will be amazed by his transformation from a shy piano player to an international pop superstar. 

6.The 12 Lives of Sissy Carlyle 

This movie is full of good adventures and you will not feel bored for a second. Sissy Carlyle is a 27-year-old antique shop owner. Sissy faced a tragic loss and then retreated into her inner world where she imagined 11 different, exciting lives, and all those lives are portrayed in detail, in her journal. You can say the story of this movie is very uplifting, and you will be inspired by this movie. 

7.You Were Never Really Here 

If you love to watch thriller movies, then this movie is for you and starring pre-Joker Joaquin Phoenix. Yes, you heard it right and more people need to watch this kind of movie. Phoenix has done a brilliant job in acting. 

In this movie, a hitman is hired. The twist is that he has to save a renowned politician’s daughter from the network of human trafficking. Sometimes, you might find it stark, brutal, and straight to the point, but this is reality and you have to accept that it is one of the top movies on Prime.

8.The Act of Killing 

You can not find many documentaries which are unable to watch, but you can say that the act of killing is a masterpiece. You might not know the movie is Joshua Oppenheimer’s Oscar-nominated film. In this movie, you will not only find Indonesian genocides of the 60’s, but also the way criminals have not brought to equity. 

9.A Simple Favor 

This is a well-written, twisted thriller by Jessica Sharzer and directed by Paul Feig. Thus, it is one of the top movies on Prime right now. The brilliant cast of this movie includes Anna Kendrick, Henry Golding, Blake Lively, and many others. 

In this thriller, a lonely single mother played by Anna gets caught up in a wild predicament while searching for her friend’s son, as she agreed to look after her son. While watching this movie, you will keep on guessing about the end. We can assure you that, you will be grinning from start to finish while watching this movie. 

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If you are searching to watch top movies on Prime, then just watch any of these above-mentioned movies. We can assure you that each one of the movies is a masterpiece, and you will not regret it after watching them. Hopefully, scrolling on Prime is going to be fun for you.