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Samsung Tablet won’t Turn On? Try Quick Methods to Fix

Samsung smartphones and tablets are some of the best Android OS devices that are ruling the mobile industry. You would be mesmerized by the super AMOLED display. The display produces vivid colors that will definitely catch your eye. But, on the other hand, users are also reporting about some issues that are taking place. One of the most annoying issues is that the Samsung tablet won’t turn on.

If the device won’t turn on, then it will be useless for you. It seems that you are very much eager to know how the issue took place. In addition to that, implementing the solutions is also mandatory. Bugs in the system OS, corrupted applications, runtime errors, and many more can be possible reasons behind the issue. 

Some of the Best Possible Solutions 

As per the experts, before proceeding towards the solutions, you must check whether the device is within the international warranty or not. In addition to that, you might need a data cable to deal with the Samsung tablet won’t turn on. Always use the dedicated Samsung USB B or C type cable. 

1. Power up the Device

If there is no power in the power cell, then the Samsung tablet won’t turn on. So, the task is easy. Connect the USB cable to the charger and turn on the switch of the electrical socket board. Now, leave aside the device for some time. 15 to 20 mins might be the best time to reach 10% to 15% charge of the battery. Hopefully, now you will be able to turn on the device. 

2. Initiate the Boot Cycle

When the Samsung tablet won’t turn on, this proves that the previous method didn’t quite work out. Now, this process will allow you to force start the device. Press and hold the power and volume rocker down button simultaneously. You need to hold it down for at least 2 minutes. If the device still won’t turn on, then do the same process again by holding the power button only. Now, check whether the device turns on or not. 

3. Connect it to the PC

Connecting to the PC and checking whether the device turns on is a worthy try indeed. Connect the USB B or C type cable to the computer along with the Samsung tablet. Now, check what the computer shows up. If it initializes any function from the device, then you might find a path to resolve the situation, if the Samsung tablet won’t turn on. 

4. Have you tried the Safe Mode!

Samsung tablet won’t turn on? Then, you must try to gain access to the Safe Mode. Tap and hold the Power button for quite some time and check whether the Safe Mode is turning on or not. This mode will help you to access the device, with the hassle of dealing with any technical glitches or bugs. 

Facing a Critical Situation? 

You have already tried all the possible methods. But now, you cannot do anything. In such a situation, grab all the items that came along with the device, including the cash memo. After that, book an appointment with the Samsung authorized service centre executive. They will help you to get rid of the Samsung tablet won’t turn on situation

Pre- Selective Works before submitting the Device

It is not possible to get all the data from the virtual memory as the Samsung tablet won’t turn on. Therefore, you need to pull out the memory and SIM card. Keep them safe as they are important. After that, make sure that there are no scratches and debris on the surface of the device. 

Some Useful Tips 

Every mechanical and electronics item needs proper maintenance so that it can perform well for a longer span of time. So, let’s start from scratch. After you bring a new Samsung Galaxy tablet, make sure you recharge the battery for at least 8 hours. As the battery is in factory condition, it needs to be charged full to reach its full functioning potential. In addition to that, the life span of the battery will also stay intact. 

Samsung is world-famous for producing awesome displays. So, it is one of the most important parts of the device, cover it up with a glass screen covering. It will provide protection even if you drop the device from your hand. After you set up the device, make sure you turn on the auto-cache cleaning from the settings. This process will clean all the unnecessary residual files from the device at regular intervals. 

Experts suggest that if you are using your Samsung tablet for official work, then installing an antivirus (mobile version) is important. The security application will not only protect the device but will also help you in making the payments, with the help of the dedicated sandbox.