Women Fashion Fundamentals For A Beginner To Follow To Improve Personal Style

There are a few basic women fashion guidelines to follow especially if you are a beginner and want to enhance your personal style. If you follow this guideline, your closet then will never make you feel that you are stuck into a fashion rut.

Yes, you have guessed it right. Chic dressing is much, much simpler than you thought. All you have to do is advance your shopping skills so that in turn you can polish your image and fashion skills. This will help you to achieve your dream to feel more confident and put together in your outfits that you have been long for so long time. 

Consider your own unique sense of style and let your dress reflect it optimally. With that in mind, here are a few best styling tips that you may follow to un-stuck your style and feel more confident and gorgeous, as you already are. 

Look for your style vibe

You must first find out the vibe and your style sense so that you can work with it accordingly. You can do this best when you ask a few specific questions to yourself next time when you see someone looking good in a dress and you feel like admiring, or even jealous that she looks so good. There is no harm in feeling likewise. Ask questions like:

  • Why you like her
  • What is in her vibe that you do not have
  • Is it the street wear sportiness 
  • Is it the ‘cool girl’ factor
  • Is it the comfortable yet perfectly pulled together look 
  • Is it her powerful presence that caught your eyes and 
  • How glamorous she looks?

Be just like an anthropologist and replicate the style you love. In order to borrow vibes from your admirer, examine the person rather than judging her by her image. Make sure that you capture the feeling of the overall aesthetic so that it does not build complexity in putting the looks together.

Liking and wearing what you want

It is imperative that you wear something that you like. Therefore, first you will need to know what you like to wear. Incredible styling is dependent on personal tastes. This will help you to build your wardrobe effortlessly out of them. 

However, do not just simply ‘like’ an item but make sure that you refine and define your affinity for that product. This will ensure more success in your choice of items and make you feel pulled together. 

When you see a specific item next time, look for specific words that express your feeling and liking such as:

  • Pretty
  • Cool
  • Weird
  • Want and others.

These words will make it easy for you to distinguish items that you like or do not like, but also take a note for reasoning. This practice should be followed irrespective of the color, fabric, pleats, cut and fit of the dress in question.

Wear the entire wardrobe

The above steps are for dress worn by others. As for your own, you should wear your entire wardrobe at least once. This will not only help you to find the most chosen dresses but you will be surprised at the loads of dress items that you seldom wear but still do not want to get rid of it. 

The ‘Wear It Once’ process will help you to:

  • Clear your closet clutter and fill it with only good ones that you like to wear without spending much money or extra time on your wardrobe building process
  • It will give you a new vigor for it and 
  • It will give you a clear understanding as to what items need to go. 

If you cannot decide whether to retain or toss an item, wear it again. Commit to your final choice so that by the day’s end you know what to keep and what to throw.

Core competency required

It needs no specific mention that being fashionable needs arming yourself with core competency. You must follow what Pablo Picasso said, “Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.”

Following the master will help you a lot to gain expertise. This is the concept that needs to be followed when you are learning to cook, create an art or even want to be knowledge about the smallest and largest bra size! In short, developing a personal style is at its best when creativity and competency meets with one another. 

Sometimes these things may come naturally but in most of the times it is a culmination of self-expression and effort. It is a practice of several years that makes one perfect at it. All you need to do is chip off the rough edges to create the art that was already there. 

When it comes to fashion, you must:

  • Educate yourself on the science of fashion
  • Apply the teachings
  • Make sophisticated choices
  • Develop a more resilient sense of skill and 
  • Feel more at ease and confident.

This will help you to be more creative and expand your horizons. 

Figure out the shape of your body

Fashion depends on the shape of the body which is the next important thing you should figure out. When you know the shape, you will easily know how to dress it up. All it will matter then is your creativity.

When it comes to understanding the shape of your body, it is not about:

  • Highlighting your insecurities and making you feel frustrated about it
  • Knowing the limited options and making it wrong
  • Finding fault in you in order to look better or 
  • Working yourself to make you look like someone else.

Instead it is about:

  • Learning the proportions of your body correctly and 
  • Understanding how best you can translate your figure to clothing design.

This will help you to taking the integral step in making smarter purchases. This will eventually end your frustrations that you commonly face while shopping. 

To sum up, dressing well to sty fashionable is not a difficult job. It is all about knowing what works best for your body. It will then be easy to flatter it. 


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