Why there is a rise in chronic sinus rate in Bangalore?

Prerna works at a start-up in Bangalore. Every day after work, she feels heavy in the head after returning from work. In the beginning, she thought it was due to her lack of sleep, work pressure and stress in the office.  Its been over a month and her heaviness turned into a headache. In addition to this, she complained of a stuffy nose and felt a little feverish. When the symptoms didn’t seem to go on its own, she decided to visit the doctor and was diagnosed with a sinus infection.
Prerna belongs to that percentage of Benglureans who are suffering from chronic sinusitis. The reason is the most common one- the rising number of pollutants in the air due to emissions from vehicles, harmful gases from factories, dust from the unpaved road and the road. According to recent studies, the Particulate Matter (PM) 10 levels were way above the standards set by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). To know more about the rising sinusitis rate in Bangalore, its causes and treatment, continue reading!
Sinusitis- What does it mean?
Before knowing what is sinusitis, you need to learn about the sinus. The sinus is the paired hollow space in the head till the nasal cavity. The sinuses allow the mucus to drain out of the channels of the nose. This drainage is important as it helps to keep your nose clean as well as free of any bacteria. In normal cases, the sinuses are filled with air.
Sinusitis occurs when the tissue lining of the sinuses gets inflamed or infected due to blockage and gets filled with fluid. This can cause germs to grow and cause an infection.
Types of sinusitis
Yes, you have guessed it right. There are two types of sinusitis-

  • Acute bacterial sinusitis- If you have a sudden onset of symptoms such as a runny nose, blocked nose and pain in the facial muscles which stay for 10 days or the symptoms tend to improve on its own then it is acute bacterial sinusitis.
  • Chronic sinusitis- If you have nasal congestion, drainage, facial pain/pressure and unable to smell anything properly then it is a condition of chronic sinusitis.

It is important to know which type you are suffering from as the treatment of sinusitis depends on the type.
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Common causes of sinusitis
As discussed earlier, the main reason for an infection is filling with the sinus with fluid. But the factors that can increase the trapping of the fluid within the sinus are-

  • Viruses- 90 percent of sinusitis cases in adults is due to a virus
  • Bacteria- Just like viruses, entry of bacteria is another common cause of infection
  • Pollutants- The biggest cause for the rising chronic sinusitis rate in metro cities of the country, the chemicals and irritants can trigger a buildup of mucus.
  • The common cold is another prime reason for infection of the sinus
  • Development of nasal polyps in the nasal passage that can lead to inflammation
  • Allergic reactions to dust, pollen and animal hair
  • Problems in the structure such as a deviated symptom

Symptoms associated with sinusitis
The symptoms of sinusitis vary depends on its severity. Although some of the symptoms have been already discussed earlier, here is the list of symptoms to look out for-

  • You’ll be able to facial pain and pressure
  • You’ll have a blockage inside the nose
  • Discharge from the nose
  • You’ll have reduced sense of smell
  • Your nasal passage will be congested
  • You’ll have a cough
  • You can also run a fever
  • Your breath will be bad
  • You’ll always feel tired
  • You’ll also have a headache

It is recommended to visit the doctor without wasting any time if you feel any two of these ten symptoms.
Treatment- acute or chronic
The treatment depends on the type of sinusitis you are suffering from. But as this condition can cause extreme discomfort, you can try these home remedies and over-the-counter medications to get relief from the symptoms-

  • Apply warm compresses to ease out the pain inside the nose and sinuses.
  • Use nasal sprays or drops that can decongest the nasal passage.
  • Avoid smoking as well as inhaling the smoke when someone else is smoking
  • Avoid things you are allergic to
  • Consume antibiotics prescribed by the physician

These are remedies for acute sinusitis conditions. The treatment of chronic sinusitis requires surgery. This option is considered when there are structural issues, nasal polyps inside the tissue lining or the sinusitis are getting worse over time.
FESS- A Cure To Chronic Sinusitis
Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) is the minimally invasive technique that is used to open the nasal passage under direct visualization. The surgeon simply opens the passage bypassing micro telescopes and surgical instruments (microdebrider) through a fiber optic known as an endoscope. People in Bangalore are opting more and more for this procedure as the doctors are using the most advanced laser treatment. The laser treatment has several advantages such as-
Laser treatment has emerged as one of the most-advancement treatments that can be offered for patients suffering from varicose veins.  If you are someone who gets nervous about hearing surgery, then you’ll be relieved to know that this type of treatment involves absolutely no cuts or incisions and is completely performed under the influence of anesthesia. This greatly reduces any pain felt during the surgery as well as any major blood loss. It is a USDFA- approved procedure with very few chances of any infection. Patients have less pain and bruising after treatment than the conventional surgical procedure. In addition, most people recover faster with laser treatment than traditional sinus surgery.
Evidently, there is an ENT clinic in Bangalore where the doctors are highly-experienced as well as specially trained to provide these laser surgeries. The clinics are also fully equipped to provide these laser-based procedures. Sinusitis is a condition that is not at all life-threatening but it can cause extreme discomfort. Get the treatment by visiting the nearest laser clinic in Bangalore!
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