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Why Beer Is the World’s Most Popular Drink?

If you would ask any beer lover, they will tell you beer is the world’s best drink. Though that is a bit subjective, looking at the number of people going for Melvin Brewing as their most preferred choice, a strong argument can be made for this being true. The simplicity of beer made by using hops, yeast, grains, and various other ingredients, is quite surprising, knowing how unique and diverse the kind of beer is available in the market to choose from.

Almost all countries across the globe have got their brand of local beer and are appreciated everywhere. The beer taste releases one kind of chemical that makes people drink more, as per the research published.

The taste of beer taste – without any effect from the alcohol – will trigger the production of dopamine in our brain. People who regularly drink alcohol have shown higher dopamine levels – it is a neurotransmitter that is associated with the brain’s reward & pleasure centers.

Why Choose Beer?

For lots of people, beer is the staple beverage for a lot of occasions that includes parties, events, tailgating, or just hanging at a local bar. However, why is beer a popular choice for outings instead of wine and liquor if three of them are known as alcoholic drinks? As we all know, the popularity of beer is not for the taste but for the social factor.

Liquor is costly and intimidating whereas wine is enjoyed for sake of relaxing and lounging with your family and friends. Beer is considered to be one kind of social drink. Most of the bars & pubs have got unique social value, particularly when included in the given neighborhood. They are the space of fun and camaraderie.

As beer is a beverage of choice, beer has become one staple drink of familial and social comfort. If you love drinking and beer is one drink that you mostly prefer in the social space because you can enjoy alcohol without getting intoxicated in a way you will with the liquor.

Tastes Good

Many people might argue that it is a controversial reason, as everybody has got different taste buds. We totally disagree with this fact. As there are a lot of different flavors and tastes of beer available, somebody can find something that they like its taste. We suggest the light & bright hefeweizen to people who do not think that they’re fans of beer and fruity lambic beer. Also, you may try on the champagne beer too!


You heard it right, an average beer has over 20% of the daily fiber intake & takes very good craft beer & you may see it is going over 60% in one liter. This slows down the digestion that helps in decreasing your cholesterol levels, which may be the only level that nobody wants higher!

Refreshing drink

There is nothing like drinking a cold and fizzy beer on a hot and sunny day. Although beer dehydrates you, it will taste incredibly refreshing. Bright and light flavors all along with the bubbling carbonation & cold temperatures make this drink an ideal way to relax and cool down.

Makes you creative 

Suppose we want a bit boost in the creativity, we like sipping on the beer and get our minds on the right track. Beer is proven to increase creativity just by making you more relaxed & less worried about what is going around you. It improves creativity and makes you much better in social situations & artistic ones too. We cannot ignore various other health advantages of drinking beer

Beer is not just the empty calories and there is the unique makeup of the nutritional values, like:

  • Phosphorus
  • Antioxidants
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Calcium
  • Manganese
  • Silicon
  • Fluoride

All these essential nutrients can make your beer choice highly nutritional than an average rum & coke. Even though beer has a few important nutrients, it is crucial to note down that beer must not replace food. It is important to know that drinking plenty of beer will lead to negative health effects, which include excess calorie consumption & nutrient deficiencies.