Why a fertility specialist can help

Couples who are facing issues with having a child can go and meet a fertility specialist. There are many reasons for which one can face a problem in having a child. Getting pregnant is definitely not easy even if one keeps trying on a proper planned way during their ovulation period. So, seeing a doctor is definitely needed in some cases.

Here are some reasons for which one should visit a fertility specialist:

  • If one is trying to have a baby from 6 months to a year and us still unsuccessful in doing that. If one is under the age of 35, then it is a good idea to attend a fertility workshop but if one is above 35 then a fertility specialist can be of a big help. The doctors can only find out if one is having proper eggs or if the sperm of the partner is under the normal range. The doctors can also find out if the uterus and the tubes in a woman are working fine or not. If none of the treatment works, then the doctor can apply for assisted reproductive technology or the IVF. It is a big step and there are many IVF specialists in Chennai who can be of big help.


  • If a woman has already been diagnosed with cancer and still they want to have a baby then a fertility specialist is the one who can guide them well. It is true that various types of cancer treatments can affect the fertility quotient in a woman and so one should consult with both fertility specialist and oncologist and check what are the options to check the fertility quotient and how to preserve it. The process can also include like freezing the embryos or the eggs before the treatment starts or even moving the ovary away from the radiation.


  • One can also suffer from ovulatory disorder. The most common thing that women suffer from these days is the PCOS syndrome which is basically a hormonal condition and it interrupts the ovulation procedure by making the periods painful and irregular. This can also lead to premature menopause and so one needs to check it with the fertility specialists that if they have any pregnancy related issues. But in most cases, they can be solved with medications.

Why a fertility specialist can help

  • One should also see a fertility specialist if they are suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease. It is an infection which mainly affects the fallopian tubes, uterus and sometimes the ovaries too. This disease can actually lead to the permanent damage of the reproductive organ and so one needs to treat them immediately. Scarring can also interrupt evolutionand it can physically block the fallopian tubes. This can also prevent the sperm and eggs to meet.


  • If one has already undergone a surgery due to ovary issues and cysts then a fertility specialist can help.

One should remember that IVF is the last option that one can go for. Before that they need to try other ways to get pregnant.

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