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Where to Buy Electric Unicycles Online

Some items can be fun as well as practical. Consider the bicycle; it was designed as a method of transport that was lower-maintenance than a horse, and nowadays is ridden by people commuting, for casual use both on and off-road, and for sport. Move forward into the 21st century and we have another device that is designed for transport but is also a lot of fun – the Electric Unicycle Online.
If you are familiar with electric unicycles, you’ll know what all the fuss is about! If not, we reckon that by the end of this article you will want one! These small, portable and very capable machines are designed to take you short distances – they vary in range from around 15 miles on a single charge to more than 30 miles from some of the more expensive models – and are being used more and more by commuters.

The reason is simple: if you have to walk to the bus stop or railway station, and then at the other end to your place of work, you carry your electric unicycle with you and use it to eliminate the need to walk! Where can you find out more about them? Let’s have a closer look!

About Electric Unicycles

The first thing we should say is that the electric unicycle does not resemble those you’ve seen clowns riding at the circus! The modern version is effectively a wheel encased in a lightweight body, with an electric motor powering it. Also in there are a series of gyroscopes and accelerometers, which are designed to balance the machine while you ride it. In other words, it’s a self-balancing single-wheel vehicle that is electrically powered.
They are, to put it simply, rather cool and great fun, as well as being surprisingly easy to ride. If you check out electricunicycles you’ll be able to find out more about the various models available. Some people have said that when they first start to ride the unicycle, it  takes a bit of getting used to. But then, so did riding a bike! Once you get the hang of an electric unicycle you will wonder how you every did without one, and you’ll also start using it for fun as well as for getting from A to B.
Are they expensive? Well, you are not going to get one for a few dollars, that’s for sure. They are quite sophisticated devices that require some interesting technology – the balancing aids are the main area of interest – and prices range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, depending upon the capability you require from your unicycle. For the daily commute, the cheaper models should be perfectly capable, and you can charge them from a USB port at work and at home.

Buying Electric Unicycle Online

The electric unicycle is a relatively new item, so the best way to find one is to look at online suppliers. This gives you an opportunity to compare models in terms of price, performance and any other areas of interest before you choose. For example, how fast do you want to go? The basic models will give you a top speed of around 10mph. That might not sound much, but when you’re standing on a platform with one wheel between you and the ground it is pretty impressive! Imagine, then, what it must be like to top 30mph on one of the more up-market models!
We reckon that electric unicycles are going to become one of the ‘in’ forms or personal transport over the next few years, so why not get in early, and be the trendsetter in your neighborhood!