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What Shall be the Length of Your Blog Post for SEO?

It is often a daunting place for most of those who deal with SEO-based content. What is the length of the blog to get better ranks? However, the basic idea or notion that feeds the mind of most of the bloggers is, the more the length of the blog is, the more it is going to be efficient for keyword placements. But the main point that you need to consider is, understanding the limitations of the words, and their relevance in serving the needs of the readers, rather than just being a keyword hub. So what shall be the right length for your SEO Blogspot? Here’s how you can decide:

Consider the search intent before:

So what’s the actual length for an SEO efficient blog post, 300, 500, or 2000? Well, let the search intent of the content guide you properly. To know how long your content should be must depend on the targeted industry for your blog. Considering what fulfills the intents for the search queries, thus enables your readers to get useful information from the content. Whether it is long-form content required for your keyword intent or it is short text content better, that depends on how efficiently it is serving the purpose.  If the keyword intent demands long-form content, then opt for it. Similarly, if you feel that fewer texts and more images can serve a better answer, then pick that way. Tampa seo agency uses the proper search for the SERP analysis and performance to decide the length of the blog posts.

Monitor the performance of your content:

To have better insight about which length of your content works better, you need to have continuous monitoring of its performance. The analytics of your blog gives you better access to the data about your post. Also, continuous monitoring gives you better ideas about if anything needs to be rectified on your website or not. It becomes helpful to add value to your content.  To know if the length of your content works out properly or not. It is important to have better insights into the performance.

Create substance-based contents:

The high-value contents perform well in driving better traffic through SEO. Whether you are writing a blog post with 300 words, then it is enough if it serves the fulfillment of your reader’s intent. On the other hand, if it takes more than 2000 words to make your reader find the value of the content, then also it is fine. The writing style that you have picked is going to determine the performance of your content. Contents that are meant to be short and to the point should stick to the concise length. Similarly, if the content’s intended is to be more interactive and informational, then longer content is going to do your job.

Ignore the myth of SEO word count:

There is no perfect length for the SEO of blog posts. Because it is not the length of the blog post that serves the success of the SEO, but it is the detailed approach of the answers that inform the reader properly. The length of the blog post has nothing to do with the ranking of your page; rather, it is the useful content of the post that satisfies the reader’s need. Whether it is only 500 words, or it is something more than 1800 words, the words will serve you better results if it is filled with useful content.


It really does not matter much; what is the length of your content; rather, it is the capabilities of the content to answer impressively to your readers. Consistent creation of valuable content thus keeps your page ahead in the competition than any other pages in the ranking.