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Content or Backlinks | What Matters For Product Pages & SEO

While building a particular website, you have to think about certain prospects, such as Why should someone provide a backlink to a page? Is it important to maintain quality content? Well, the answer is quite confusing because content and backlinks to some extent are interlinked with each other. 

Have you ever heard of the importance of contents while doing optimization? Well, there is an ongoing debate to choose between the two, for the ranking of a product page or be it in terms of  SEO. It is confusing, isn’t it? So, here we are about to reveal the truth. Read to know more. 

What is Content?

Content is a collection of valid information that is created by you. It consists of practical, planned and functional information that helps people to read, think, and understand a certain topic. In addition to that, content also contains images, audio-visual items for a better understanding. 

Thus, a content delivers all the necessary information that is designed for consumption, enjoyment, and an ultimate package that can be shared. 

What is Backlink?

A backlink acts as a medium when one website links with another website. They are also known as inbound links or incoming links. From an SEO perspective, backlinks play an important role. When anybody looks for your content in a search engine, you get positive results, generate leads and also help to engage a trust issue.  

What is Better: Content or SEO? Why?

Content creation for product pages and SEO solely depends upon you. Whereas, backlinks don’t occur naturally. When you create a topic based on the trending news, then it must have an excellent quality of information. 

All you need to understand is what will give your customers the best experience apart from all the technical aspects? Thus, you need to focus on the end-user and give them just what they want. 

So, according to our analysis, contents are the building blocks and is more important than a backlink as well as SEO. It gives the ultimate structure and creates the initiatives for people that urge them to visit your website. 

How will your content benefit them?

Your content of the product page can only be beneficial if you incorporate certain points, such as: 

  • The materials on the page must be in the correct order and schema.
  • A creative way to make content is one of the best ideas. It will make the content description of your product much different from the others. 
  • Details of the lifespan and durability of your product will trigger interest in people for comparison to other products. 


There are also drawbacks associated with the content creation which might create a troublesome situation. According to some analysis, more word counts bring more traffic to a page. This makes people stay on your website for a long span of time. However, word count and lengthy descriptions will not rank your content higher. You also need to increase the reach and impression.

Things to do for a better Content 

To secure top rank for your content on the trending list, go through study materials like journals, instructional articles, resource papers. These might be a bit long but they must contain precise information. 

For example, if the content of 50 words can go into the trending list, then that content must be within the 50 words boundary. Here a hundred or one thousand words won’t be able to draw more traffic. Make sure that content is in bullet lists or paragraphs. Additional pictorial representations will add more privileges. 

Finally, Let’s Create a Backlink…

When your content is on-demand and people are loving it, it is the time to create backlink. Before that, you need to check the entire structure of your website. In addition to that, check the internal links, breadcrumbs, sitemaps as well as the navigation too. These activities are very much important not only to do backlinks but also to rank your product in the higher registers.