What are the Most Crucial Components of Employee Identity Card?

Identification cards, also known as ID cards in short format, have become essential tools for identification of people. State offer identification cards to the people for recognizing the people as a valid citizen of the state. Similarly, a business organization needs identity cards for recognizing its employee. Whenever an employee is recruited, the identification card is given to that employee. Typically, in such ID cards, few data have been furnished commonly. For example, the name of the person should be there along with the photo of the person. Further basic information like age, blood group, designation, and other details can be added to the identity card.
For maintaining security for the organization and to ensure flawless identification of employees, ID cards play the most pivotal role. In the following section, we shall find various components that make ID cards perfect.

Logo of the Company

When it comes to the identity card designing for the employee of an organization, the business organization should prioritize putting its logo on the ID cards. This is an essential element. Without the logo, business identity cards for employees are incomplete. First of all, it makes the cards to appear professional. On the other hand, the logo is an emblem that unites all employees within an organization. Apart from all these reasons, using the logo on the identity card will help the business to promote or commercialize its logo. With a logo, the identity of a business is directly connected. This is why the logo has to be placed with perfection on the identity card of the employees.

Single and Double Sided ID Cards

Depending upon the shape, design and required information to be placed, ID cards are developed into two common types. The first type is simple and quite common too. This type is known as a single side ID card. The second type is also common, and it is known as double sided ID cards. With doubled-sided cards, there are some benefits. Such cards can carry more data than single-sided cards. Nevertheless, double-sided cards assure optimum use of paper. Typically, at the front side business logo, employee name, photo, and designation can be seen. On the back side, employee address or employer address, blood group of the employee, email addresses, contact numbers, and other details have been placed. Sometimes, a few rules and regulations of an organization have been found written on the back side of the card.
Employee Identity Card

Identity Card Orientation

There are no fixed guidelines for designing an identity card. Different people can design it differently. For some businesses, cost-effectiveness has been considered as the biggest factor. To cut off the cost of making identity cards, they like to make it short as well as simple. Now, the orientation could be either portrait or landscape. Choosing landscape design will keep the identity card small and compact. Choosing portrait orientation will make the card to appear unique as well as trendy. As per the requirements, any orientation could be chosen. There are no hard and fast rules regarding this matter.InstantCard photo ID badges are now widely popular among organizations for various advantages.

Photographs of the Employee

For making identity cards, using the photograph of the employee is essential. This is the most important buy sildenafil citrate jelly part of creating an ID card. Without a photograph, an identity card is incomplete. For creating the cards, it is important to use a recent photograph of the person so that identification of the person through a photograph can happen in the simplest way. For security as well as the authenticity of the cards, biometric data of the person has also been incorporated with the ID cards. However, incorporating biometric data will enhance the cost of the ID cards. Nevertheless, QR codes are also incorporated into the cards for identification.

Materials for Crafting Identity Cards

In order to design the identity cards, durability has been kept as a factor in mind. An identity card is precious and important. Thus, it should be designed with durable materials. If the card does not show up durability, it would not be cost-effective for the employers. Traditionally, plastic laminated papers have been used for identity card designing. However, it is found that such cards do not last for long. In order to attain higher durability, PVC ID cards have been introduced by many employers. The card should be made waterproof, and it should come with material that promises to last longer.

Data Encryption on the ID Cards

Typically, identity cards come with encrypted data. These data are not revealed on the card, but they are stored at the company web server. For encryption, bar codes, as well as QR codes, are used. Scanning these codes will give access to the secured web server of the company. Here, all the encrypted data will be found in detail. This is a smart method to keep the ID cards short, yet informative. In some cases, one can find smart chips with ID cards. All these measures enhance the security of the cards. In many offices, employees have to scan the identity card to enter the office. It helps to restrict unauthorized access in the office. At the same time, employee entry time, as well as exit time, can be tracked by the employer so that the performance of the employee can be judged.

Digital Signature of Employee

In many cases, the identity card of a person comes with his digital signature. This is a common way of creating identification cards. A business or organization can create such identity cards for better identification of the individuals who are connected with the organization. It has to be remembered that signature is such a tool which helps in the identification of a person. Everyone has a unique signature and thus it works well as a tool for verification of the identity of a person.

Personal Information of the Persons

A responsible employer collects a few vital personal information of the employee for the optimum safety of the employee. The workplace is such an area where accidents can take place. At the time of accidental injury, a person needs quick medical attention. In order to get medical attention seamlessly, identity card can play a crucial role. It can contain data like blood group, eyesight power, sugar level, etc. Sometimes, it also carries information about major diseases in the past of the employee.
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