What are the benefits of ITIL Certification for individuals & Organizations?

IT has come up a long way today and this has come up with a number of different fields and area of interests for the It individuals as well as the IT firms. When the competition is intense, this is quite natural to have an update in the IT terms and techniques in the world. To provide a quality service, different certifications are being curated that helps the individuals in being trained up in such a way that can be helpful not only for them but also for the organizations in which they are working. One of such possibilities is the ITIL. 

There are so many institutes today that are offering certification in ITIL currently and also the number of candidates applying for such courses has definitely increased. There have been a number of reasons and a number of ways how the ITIL® 4 Certification and the ITIL process have been helping out not just the individuals who are taking up the course to add up in their resume but also the organizations who are hiring such candidates who are trained and certified in the process of ITIL. 

Benefits of ITIL for the individuals

The ITIL certification is known to offer a range of benefits to the individuals who are taking up the certification. It offers them a personality change as well as a better career ahead. Here are some of the specific benefits that the candidates can have from the ITIL certification. 

  • An Influential addition to the resume

One of the main reasons why individuals today are seriously getting the certification of ITIL is to get these certifications added to their resume. Having such a certification makes the resume much stronger and different than the others. When an individual goes for an interview with such a resume, it makes the candidate stand much higher in comparison to many other individuals who have come up for the interview. It is quite natural that when you have both experience as well as qualification, the interviewer will prefer you in comparison to many other individuals who have either of them. 

  • Preference of the Firms

Currently, there are so many firms who are looking forward to have individuals who are trained properly in ITIL because they wish to have people who have got the basic knowledge about ITIL that can be helpful for them in the organization. Having a basic knowledge offers them a confident that the candidate is a much learned individual in the said field and hence he or she can manage up the work profile in a much better way. Hence, if an individual is certified in ITIL, this is quite enough to impress the interviewer panel that can lead to positive results maximum of the times.

  • Higher Opportunities

The best part about the certification of ITIL is that it has a common language and hence it is applicable throughout the globe. If you have completed your certification in ITIL, not only can you apply for a suitable job in your country with the help of the certification, but also in various firms on international grounds. There are so many big companies across the globe that prefers to hire individuals who are highly qualified and certified in ITIL for the IT industry. Hence, if you have a certification in ITIL, the doors for opportunities opens up globally for you. 

  • Better Salary Package

Along with better job opportunities, also there is a possibility of getting higher salary package for the individuals who are certified in ITIL. This is possible because companies who are looking forward to have candidates certified in ITIL are ready to pay good to such certified candidates. This means individuals with the certification of ITIL are in higher demand globally and hence they can surely get into a job option that pays them with a handsome salary package in hand. 

  • Continuous Learning

When you join up with ITIL, you get connected with a huge community of IT professionals and other individuals. Also, you need to update your certification from time to time. Hence, it is not that once you have got the certification, you stay aloof from it. It makes you stay connected with it so that you can stay updated with the latest trends and systems and can benefit yourself with the latest knowledge details and can have higher opportunities all the times in your hands, without losing your worth in the market. 

Benefits of ITIL to Organizations

Apart from the individuals, ITIL has extended its benefits to the organizations also globally. The organizations today prefer to choose and hire candidates with the ITIL certifications because they benefit from them in a huge way. Here are some of the important ways of how the ITIL certification has been offering help to the organizations. 

  • Better Efficiency

One of the best reasons to have ITIL certified candidates is to get better efficiency at work. Certified individuals are known to a basic knowledge about the work and the details and hence they can work under pressure and can solve out issues in a much smoother way than the other candidates who are actually not certified. This has made the organizations understand how they can save much time and money and can hire candidates who are trained and certified in ITIL certification. 

  • Saving Money

When the benefits of ITIL Training have been known, a number of firms started training programs for their employees in ITIL. But later on they realized that this incurred a huge amount of money and there are many employees who leave the organization in order to look for better opportunities after the training. This has made the organizations think in a better way. Today, companies are looking forward to hiring candidates who are already trained in ITIL certification and this saves their time and money to train a candidate in order to make them efficient and professional in the particular area or field. 

  • Hiring Professionals

ITIL not only trains up the individuals in the skills of ITIL but also trains up with a number of other skills too such as team building, leadership, time management, communication skills and so on. These skills are highly important to maintaining a team and working out on a project in an even better way. Hence, companies wish to hire such candidates who are professionals and know a number of other skills that can be beneficial for the organization in a number of ways. This way they get in hands some such individuals who are professionals as well as who are highly beneficial to the organization. 

ITIL has been there since quite some time now and have shown its impact on the individuals as well as the organizations. Having the certification can be beneficial for both of them; this is quite known from the above points. Staying updated with the latest details also is very much eminent, not just for the individuals but also for the organizations. ITIL can be seen as a change in the IT world and this has made situations quite convenient and easier than before. Hence, it can be said that the certification is likely to be important in today’s IT scenario to a good some extent.