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What are the Areas Where SEO and Accessibility Overlap?

It is way much difficult to create a very effective presence online. Most of the businesses opt for SEO implementation with various tactics to draw traffic. On the other hand, website accessibility plays an important part in increasing the reach of the page with better practices. Though there are various places where SEO and accessibility overlap each other, it is not that difficult to determine the areas where it is happening. Whatever is going to do to your SEO or accessibility, it is going to have a major effect on the other one. Following are the areas where the SEO and accessibility overlaps:

Page titles:

Page titles perform efficiently to give the users better insight about the context of the webpage, also it appears as the main headline of the search results. At the same time, it delivers information about identifying whether the content is relevant or not. Most of the screen readers depend on the page titles to give the readers exact information about the page. Keeping this in mind, it is important to optimize the page title that serves the answer to the queries of the users. And here, blending the SEO and accessibility perform well to create an image of the page.


On-site sitemaps are crucial to give the users better access to finding easily what they are looking for in a complicated navigation site. The site maps provide an overview along with access to the important pages on the site. Moreover, sitemaps aid the search engine crawlers to find links for the various pages in the site, which makes access to other pages easy and useful. SEO Agency Melbourne reviews the site maps. They are working efficiently to increase SEO and accessibility occurrence.


The H1 tag or the main heading of the page indicates the overview of the main content with one line,  which is helpful to drive the SEO. The other heading tags are used for giving a definition of the page structure, which gives the users an insight into what the subtopics are about. The headings help in the quick navigating of a page. To balance the SEO and Accessibility, it is important to mark the relevance of the other headings present in the content.


Website navigation is another important area to help users find what they are looking for. At the same time, navigation displays the important pages present on the site. This not only benefits the search engine crawlers but also gives the users better insight about if the page is useful for them or not.


The image alt text works as one of the most reckoned places where SEO and Alt-text get blended in. It offers textual alternatives to the users combined with the visual impairments. Screen readers focus on the alt-text. This is why it is important to pay more attention to it to make it more relevant. It improves the movement of the search engine crawlers to give better insight into the context of the image to improve the image search results.

Breadcrumb links:

Breadcrumb links are used as an alternative to the navigation on the original page or on the better contents. It also improves the visibility of the search engine crawlers and the screen readers about the structure of the page. At the same time, it improves the internal linking of the site for the complex navigation structure of a page.

Anchor text:

Anchor text gives a better and clear description of the content which the readers are going to find on the linked page. It gives clear visibility of the purpose of the page to help the users in decision making, whether to click on the link or not. Screen readers inform the users about the link with better indications. Search engine crawlers thus find the anchor texts much helpful to understand the context of the linked page.


Accessibility is not an area of unnecessary extra effort; rather, it improves the performance of your page in the right way. Balancing the possible areas of SEO and accessibility overlapping thus helps in improving the areas to draw more users and at the same time, feed the SEO requirement of the page.