What A Perfect Laptop Should Have

The first thing any shopper looking to buy a laptop asks is “what’s the best laptop?” There is no simple answer to this question because shoppers’ tastes and preferences vary. How one plans to use the laptop will also determine which device will suit him or her best. However, there are common features that one should be on the lookout for before deciding on the brand and model of a laptop. 

The trick is to look for a device that has features that can be found on other models of the present and recent past. When choosing a laptop you need to be keen on the specifications of the device. Whether you are looking for a high-end laptop or a simple one for surfing the Web or studying, you should keep these features in mind:

A Snappy Keyboard

There is no single feature in a laptop that is more important than the keyboard. This is the most interactive part and has the most effect on a user in terms of productivity and comfort. In order to have the best typing experience, one needs to have a physical confirmation that the keystrokes do register so that they don’t miss letters. There is never such as thing as a keyboard being too springy. The faster the keys on a keyboard can snap back, the faster one can type. And it goes without saying that a good keyboard should have keys that are laid out in standard position.

Touchpads With Real Buttons

If you are planning to do a lot of presentations or browse through numerous pages at a time, it helps to have a laptop that has a touchpad with discrete buttons. Today, most notebooks have switched to pads with inbuilt buttons which rather causes inconvenience when performing some tasks. The driver software for such pads sometimes is unable to distinguish between a movement swipe and a button swipe. However, some people find pads with inbuilt buttons more convenient for them. As mentioned before, it all goes down to one’s preference.

Plenty Of Ports

Leading notebooks today have limited number of ports. This can be frustrating to someone who needs to move a lot because they would have to carry along other connecting devices as well. Some ports are being left out by manufacturers in a bid to lower production costs or save space. Some people still prefer having laptops with Ethernet ports because wired hookup is faster and stable. Before picking out a laptop, check out how many USB ports are available and whether there are other ports that you may need to use. Some people do not mind fewer ports because most connections are done either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. 

High Resolution Screen

Whether you are reading a Web article, writing a term paper, or coding apps, you want a screen with clear resolution. A good laptop needs to have at least 1920 by 1080 display; the more the pixels the better the resolution. Also ensure that the laptop is able to display a wide spectrum of colors. Another important aspect is a matte display. This feature helps one to focus more on the media and programs on a screen rather than one seeing their own reflection.

Long Life Battery

Laptops are meant to be portable. That means one has to be able to use the device anywhere. Naturally, a good laptop needs long battery life preferably one that can hold power for hours. Some people prefer a laptop with a removable battery to allow them carry to extra batteries they can swipe when they go low on charge. Notebooks have inbuilt battery but they are designed to hold power for quite some time as well.

Soft Touch Finish

A laptop should have a soft touch finish. A soft touch finish makes one’s wrists feel like they are resting on a gel pad thus easing tension on the shoulders. When choosing a laptop, pick one that supports your entire wrist and also allows your palm to rest easily.

Laptops like any other appliances, malfunction or breakdown from time to time. One important aspect to remember is to choose a brand of laptop that you can easily find replaceable parts when you need to. There is no need of having an exquisite device but it takes a lot of time and effort just to find replacing parts.

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