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Steps To Troubleshoot Website Server Down Issues

When you are trying to access a website, you might face a lot of issues. Sometimes, the website just refuses to load or it hangs and you need to refresh the page repeatedly. But the issue still exists, and you can’t figure out what happened. After trying a lot of troubleshooting steps, you might be frustrated with no fruitful result. So, the main questions that arise here are what is the reason for the error and how you can solve it.

There are many variables that can cause errors while accessing a website. Hence, it becomes important to know about the actual reason. If you are facing the issue, then it is possible that the website server of the site is down. The website server down issue can be solved by following some easy troubleshooting methods.

What Does It Mean When Your Server Is Down?

In the client-server architecture, it is always important to establish a proper connection between the client and the server. When you face the error, it means that the browser is having a problem to get access to the stored files from the server. You get the error when the server crashes or when it goes down and after that, you are unable to access anything from the website. Usually, the error appears with different messages on different web browsers.

How To Know If A Website Is Down Or Responding Slowly On The Internet?

You are surfing on the internet and suddenly, everything stops with the same error messages. Then, you should understand that there might be a possibility that the server down. Sometimes, the error message says ‘Server not found’ on the browser the page just stuck. This message comes in different forms in different browsers. If you find the term ‘server’ in the error message, then you should understand that the server is down.

What Are The Main Reasons Behind The Error?

There are multiple reasons that can cause the error that you have encountered while surfing the internet. It may appear due to the reason that you have unplugged the server power cable from its power outlet. If there is an issue with your network, then also you may face the issue. Sometimes, the hardware of the server may cause the problem. You might face an error if the Operating System crashes or if there is a system overload in the system. 

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The workload on the server might also be the reason behind the website server down issue or slow website loading. The error may also appear if there are viruses on the server. These are the main reasons that can cause the error.

How Do You Troubleshoot The Server Down Issue With  Different Methods?

If you are facing the website server down issue, then there might be a lot of reasons behind it. But you can solve them according to their specific reason. Hence, in order to solve the error with your web server, follow the section below and get to know how you can easily solve it.

1. Identify The Server Problem’s Area Of Effect

In the process of troubleshooting the server down issue, the first thing you need to do is identify the main reason for the error. Sometimes, the issue may appear due to a damaged cable that affects one PC or a small cluster of the entire network. If multiple users are facing the same issue, you should check for the environmental variables that also may get affected by that issue. The misuse of some software can also cause the error. You also should check if the error exists on all the websites that you are trying to access. So, in this way, you can identify the area of effect of the webserver.

2. Check Network Issues

Once you identify the area of effect on the server, check if there is any problem in your network. If you are wondering how do you troubleshoot a network problem in your system, then follow the steps mentioned in the section below.

  • Check WAN And LAN Connections

If you are facing the server down issue, then, at first, check the WAN and LAN connection of your PC. Check if the ports are enabled or not in both ends of the devices. Try to swap the ethernet cables that you are using in either of the server and your computer.

  • Verify TCP/IP Settings

Sometimes, the issue may appear due to an improper TCP setting in your PC. In such cases, you need to change the settings and configure it correctly.

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3. Ping The Network

Another way of checking the network connection is to use the Ping tool. With the help of this software, you can conveniently check the network connection of your PC. In order to use this Ping software, follow the given steps:

  • Open the Command Prompt and type ‘PING” followed by the IP address of your computer.
  • After that, press the Enter key in order to check your network connection.

If you find results on a list after entering the IP address on the Command Prompt with the Ping tool, then there is no problem. If there is an error in the network connection, you will know that with the help of the Command Prompt.

4. Traceroute

The Traceroute utility is there to trace and map different route data packets whenever they are traveling in different points on the internet. You can use this utility on the command line interface of your PC. After entering the command on the command line, if you get an ordered list as output, then you should understand that there is no problem with your network connection.

5. Network Monitoring Software

There are different reasons behind the problem you are facing right now with the server. If the network card of your PC has experienced an issue, then you might encounter the error. You cannot manually check all the devices and servers continuously without proper help. That’s where we need the Network Monitoring software which will make all the necessary changes that you need to fix the issue. With this software, you can get real-time insights from all the servers that you have. In order to automate the ping checks, this Traceroute is quite helpful for getting the most appropriate solution.

6. Maintain Detailed Records On The Server

If you are facing an error in your browser, you should try to maintain detailed records of all the information related to the server. There are different tools that you can use in order to monitor and maintain the settings and connection of the server Interserver Web Hosting and VPS Plans

These are the basic solutions that you can perform in order to fix the website server down issue. Hopefully, this write-up was helpful to you.