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Top SEO Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with proper SEO strategies is an important element for any business or organization which they cannot even think to ignore. SEO is crucial for providing any business and its products/services with the necessary visibility to attract more customers. An excellent SEO strategy is the only way through which a company can make its website visible to search engines’ top rankings such that it can attract more visitors. This increases the chances of turning these visitors into customers.

We have noticed that many businesses often forget who they exactly want to target to sell their products/services. This mistake can prove detrimental to their online success.

We are living in a digital era where 4.5 billion people use internet users. The only way through which you can reach your potential customers is through digital marketing.  If you want a relevant business, SEO is the only way to online achievement. Keeping these facts in mind, here we have discussed some popular SEO trends for 2021.

The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence:

It cannot be denied that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing at a rapid pace. Even marketing and sales are also prioritizing AI higher than anything else. AI is so powerful that it is expected that marketers can create more relevant content and capitalize on link building opportunities.

Local SEO:

Local search engine optimization or Local SEO is important especially if you serve a small local market. If your business name is not in the top 1 to 6 listings in your area, then you are definitely going to lose leads. For driving traffic to your website, you have to clearly express your expertise in the area. The best way to do that is to get listed in area-specific directories.

Apart from this, don’t forget to consider Google’s mapping feature. In addition to basic search results, Google offers Google Maps. This allows users to search for a particular location and get directions. Local SEO is important because people are actively using Google to find local businesses. Make sure you get your business listed in these maps as it gives you a good chance of gaining new customers.

There are several ways to increase your local SEO:

  • Optimize your website for mobile devices and voice search.
  • Create or claim your Google My Business.
  • Find and capitalize on local keywords.
  • Use online business directories.
  • Watch local events and develop content around it.

Recognize Structured Data:

Structure data is going to be a crucial element for websites. This is because Google Search uses structured data to understand the page content and collect information about the web and the world.

To check the structure data of your website, you can use a Structured Data Testing Tool by Google to make yourself familiar with the concept. Understanding Structured Data is also crucial to obtain rich results from your website or landing page. If you have better results, then only you will be able to build authority in the eyes of your target audience.

Improve User Experience (UX):

The new Google algorithm is integrating new web essentials related to UX. This shift means usability influences your traffic even before visitors come to your site. It also means that offering an attractive UI is extremely important. Consider the following:

  • Better navigation interface
  • Easy to use dashboards for registered members
  • Faster loading times
  • Fonts, high-quality images, and coherent layout
  • Persuade users to explore your site
  • User-friendly URLs and sitemap

EAT Concept:

It stands for Experience, Authority, and Trustworthiness. These are the few factors stated in the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines by Google. Websites with good EAT will rank better. You can do the following things to improve your rankings:

  • Demonstrate work that showcases your expertise.
  • Get a Wikipedia page.
  • Get links from domains with high authority.
  • Get more user-reviews.
  • Hire experts to check your content with facts.
  • Keep your content up to date.

Mobile Friendliness:

No one can deny the fact that people make maximum searches through their mobile phones and more than 61% of consumers make purchases from mobile-friendly, every website owner has to make sure that they should work on the mobile-friendliness of their website in 2021.

Here are a few things you can do to perk up your website performance:

  • Improve site speed.
  • Keep your design simple.
  • Make it responsive.
  • Use Google Mobile-Friendly test tools.

Voice Search Optimization:

People have started using voice search technology very commonly. To take benefit of this opportunity, you can do the following things to ensure you are not left behind:

  • Include a FAQ for your services or products and blogs
  • Optimize for answers
  • Use the structured data guidelines
  • Use conversational language in your content


It’s 2021 already and businesses have to prepare themselves for more tough competition and continue focusing on their SEO strategy. The New Year could be a year of opportunity for you. You need to reassess your search engine optimization CPCs to confirm you can leverage opportunities to progress your online business. There are already many opportunities to increase your online presence. The topics we have highlighted in this blog post are an excellent start for your SEO strategy for the coming year.