Top 10 Tips to Gain More Likes on Instagram Post

Instagram now become the top social media platform for digital marketing. There are 600 million users on Instagram so you can say Instagram is the one the biggest platform for business marketing. Sometimes people quit Instagram because they are not getting much response, if they have upload 10 pictures then only a few likes they will get, actually the problem is they don’t know how to gain likes on Instagram post. Gramifly is here to guide you in such a way that you can gain huge amounts of likes in a short time.

1. Capture High-Resolution Pictures

Always capture the quality photo but it does not mean you need to buy a DSLR camera for pictures capturing. You just need to make sure the lightning is good and the particular point on the focus. We suggest you buy a good smartphone either iPhone or Android phone if you want to capture the great shots.

2. Use Filter Scheme Consistently

The filter using regularly is one of the best tips for gaining more likes and audience. Filter gives the outstanding look to your photo that helps you to increase your awareness on Instagram. The picture with filter has the ability to attract the people and force them to hit the like button on your post.

3. Share Your Post on Other Social Platforms

You know what Instagram provides you a facility to connect your Facebook and Twitter account with your Instagram. You can get lots of benefits such as you can get share your post on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter on a single click, and you can get more audience and people get to know about your existence. Similarly, if you have a blog and your blog has good traffic then you can share your Instagram post link on your blog so how you can generate more traffic.

4. Use Popular Hashtags

Popular hashtags are actually the trending topics related to hashtags. For finding trending topics you should have excellent on web surfing, you may use google trends and watch trending videos on youtube that’s how you will come to know about the trending topic, then these trending topics you can use as a hashtag in your Instagram post. If you don’t want to search on the Internet then you can use different applications that are providing free popular hashtags but they are not much reliable and up to date.

5. Use GeoTag

GeoTag is the sticker that allows you to add your current location. Instagram automatically detects the current location in case you have turned on your location otherwise you can add manually. By adding your location your audience and followers will get to know about your location area and they can easily see your picture. If somebody searches about your current location then your images will show in his or her search results.

6. Use Local Hashtags

The use of local hashtags is the best way to gaining local traffic and automatic Instagram likes. You just need to do a little research, search for the popular accounts that are related to your local area, go to their profiles and see the hashtags used in their Instagram post. Copy those hashtags and choose in your Instagram posts. We recommend you should mention the popular person in your local area with the hashtag sign, if people do search for that person then your picture will also show in the search results.

7. Share the Preview of the Photo

Instagram is the biggest social media platform where you can share anything with your audience and followers. With the help of this your audience and followers comment on that you share then you will make that better for the next time. Similarly, whenever you are capturing the picture then you should tell the reason for capture to your audience.

8. Partnership with the Influencer

An influencer is a person who has a huge fan following. You can contact them for sharing your content on their profile and in return, you are paying the influencer. By using this strategy you can increase your product sales as well as you are developing your brand trust in the minds of the people. If you want maximum traffic and likes then this strategy is recommended.

9. Upload the Video

People prefer watching the video instead of photos because the video is more entertaining than the photo.  You can create a video of your product or you can show the teaser of your new product. For catching more likes and engagements you should need to use this tip.

10. Tag Your Competitor

Every brand has a competitor that has more following and product sales. If you have a brand on Instagram then you should need to find out your competitor. After choosing your competitor, always mention your competitor in your Instagram post this is how the link will generate between you and your competitor and you will gain more traffic and likes.


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