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Explore Effective Tips for Using Instagram to Boost the Social Media Marketing of Your Brand

Instagram is a phenomenally popular and versatile social media platform for businesses that are keen on delivering top-quality visual content. While approaching Instagram as an integral part of the social marketing stratagem, you need to come with individuality and unique personality. Instagram users are in the habit of checking in more frequently and consistently as opposed to some other social media channel users. Instagrammers engage actively with the brands and businesses that they are passionate about. With the perfect content, it would become easier for your brand or business to fit in intuitively.

As per, it is no more a secret that Instagram, your hot favorite social media platform, has gained instant fame and stardom overnight in the social networking circuit. Facebook acquired this phenomenal social media platform in 2012 for $1 billion. Ever since then, we have witnessed Instagram grow by leaps and bounds. During the period from 2015 – 2017, Instagram’s monthly users got doubled in terms of size and now boasts of having over 1 billion monthly active users in 2020. There are absolutely no indications of Instagram slowing down in terms of fans and followers. Therefore, all businesses and online marketers are more than willing to capitalize and make the most of the current Instacraze. Here are some tips for using Instagram for boosting various brands and businesses.

Consider Sharing Your Products

Instagram is supposed to be predominantly a visual medium. Organizations that are selling physical products must get into the habit of flaunting all their existing and upcoming products. Musicians could leverage the power of Instagram’s video feature for sharing snippets of all the upcoming songs. You must focus on thinking something new and not stereotyped. Display photos of your employees, office premises, some special events, including your production and behind-the-scenes photos too. Use relevant and high-resolution pictures of the products. By giving your followers and fans to see what is happening behind your business is a great way of connecting with them and making your Instagram account far more interesting and personal. You could seek professional assistance from a reputed digital marketing company that could help you gain more likes and followers. You could opt for 10 free Instagram likes trial offer to start with.

Schedule Your Posts Strategically

It is a wise idea to schedule your posts consistently and frequently. If you post more often your fans and followers would be compelled to see your posts. You must start planning well ahead of the time so that you could smoothly and strategically start posting one by one when the time is most congenial for your business. You should be ready with a post in advance so that you could share high-quality content every time. Do not look for any content last moment. Haste always makes waste. Generally speaking, research has revealed that the most effective and fruitful times for posting your Instagram live updates are: Thursday between 5 o’clock and 11 o’clock in the morning and Monday to Friday from 12 PM to 1 PM as per Hootsuite.

Create the Best Social Media Marketing Posts

You could follow these effective Instagram tips for gaining social media recognition.

Define Your Brand Clearly: All Instagram posts must reflect your business goals, vision, aspirations, and what it is all about. You must determine the design elements to be used and better be consistent about the entire thing. Pictures with just one dominant color often fetch you more likes in comparison to pictures with multiple dominant shades as per research findings. Moreover, pictures with a lot of negative space gain more likes and pictures with blue as the main color usually generate more likes as compared to images using red as the dominant color.

Invest Your Time in Creating a Calendar: You must schedule your Instagram posts wisely so that you could get the maximum benefit out of them. Chalk out a proper calendar for all your upcoming Instagram posts. This should be helping you in staying right on track. This way, you would not miss any major occasions, notable days, or important holidays you wish to recognize. A calendar could assist you in creating content consistently. You could plan all your Instagram post topics well in advance. This would go a long way in boosting the overall quality of your posts.

Devote Time & Effort to Design Your Content: Whether you are clicking pictures or using a resource such as Canva for creating visual content, you need to pay attention to the quality of the pictures. They should be of top-quality. Your content must necessarily be clear, crisp, and compelling. You must always keep your specific target audience in mind while creating content. The content must be relevant to them and must provide some value to them. While using pictures from some other sources, find out if you are allowed legally to share those pictures on Instagram.

Use Captions Judiciously: High-quality pictures are sure to grab the attention of your target audience but a compelling caption gives you a golden opportunity to convey your brand story or incorporate a CTA into it. You could ask your fans and followers to go ahead and click the link that is provided in the Bio section for more details. You could ask your followers to even a double tap for liking your picture.

Use Instagram Stories to Your Advantage

Instagram Stories are supposed to be the fast videos and pictures that get displayed at the top of Instagram users’ feed. When users start clicking on them, the stories would be appearing for fleeting seconds and then move swiftly to the next story. Businesses that are present on Instagram obtain 37% of their entire impressions coming from Instagram Stories. Thanks to their visibility, Instagram Stories could prove to be really effective in reaching and engaging more people. If your Instagram account has over 10,000 followers,  you get the liberty of adding links to the stories thus; users could easily go to your website and buy from you. If you can’t achieve that audience, you may look for the best Instagram growth service.


Remember to engage and connect with all your Instagram users. You need to keep in mind that the primary objective of marketing is to keep connecting or engaging socially. Look for hashtags relating to your unique brand and comment or like on posts that seem to be a good fit.