Things to Understand Before Investing in a Flow Meter to Avoid Choosing a Wrong One

We know that due to the increasing water scarcity, it has become important to accurately measure water as the irrigation sector today is compelled to become more accountable, as far as, water use is concerned. Several districts are actually implementing metering effectively at their farm service points. Accurate measurement of water is important but it is even more important to avoid choosing the wrong flow meter which could be a really costly mistake. Experts firmly believe that measuring techniques and devices should be chosen, installed, used, and even maintained properly.
According to, “Measurement of flow, whether it is a liquid or gas, is commonly a critical parameter in many processes. In most operations, it is important to know that the right fluid is at the right place at the right time. Some critical applications require the ability to conduct accurate flow measurements to ensure product quality.” We understand that health and safety are important considerations while working with gases and liquids.
It is of crucial importance to invest in the right type of flow meter that could be operated in a productive and safe environment. Measuring pressure and flow accurately could provide this security both to the personnel and the process. You need to understand the actual reason or purpose for investing in a flow meter so that you could make the right choice and avoid the pitfalls all the way. Let us examine the things that may influence the flow meter choosing process.

Is it possible to do with head loss?

Head loss or loss of energy takes place when water is moving through structures such as flumes, pipes, and flow meters, diminishing the actual amount of land which could be irrigated by the use of gravity irrigation. Head loss is supposed to be proportional to precisely the velocity squared. In this context, we understand that a flow meter with a relatively larger cross-section or diameter would lead to lower velocities hence, lower head loss. It is; therefore, better to choose a larger meter provided it could accurately measure low velocities. If you simply cannot afford a head loss, it is best to remember that certain meters like differential head meters, orifice meters, and mechanical meters also are responsible for increasing head loss in comparison to others like magnetic flow meters or ultrasonic meters. You may contact reputed companies such as Smart Measurement to seek professional assistance regarding the best industrial flow meters.

Initial as opposed to the total cost

The total expenses of a flow meter would include the actual cost of the flow meter, along with the installation cost, operational and preventive maintenance costs, and the expected lifetime costs of the device. The lifetime and purchase costs are quite easy and simple to determine. However, while calculating installation costs, the pipes required and the civil infrastructure used would often end up costing more as compared to the meter itself. Flow meters that could cope with swirling flows and turbulence are relatively cheaper to install.
When you are considering maintenance costs, you must take into account the accessibility of the flow meter installed. Is the flow meter meant for harsh irrigation conditions? Remember most flow meters could have a limited tolerance level to foreign matter. If sediments and weeds seem to be a major issue in the irrigation water, the regular maintenance costs could shoot up dramatically. It is best to opt for a meter with high tolerance to sediment and silt. Solar powered flow meters could be useful in keeping the costs under control by eliminating the need to visit the site for replacing batteries.

Presence of Alarms

Accurate flow measurement on an ongoing basis could imply that you would definitely require to be alerted in case of a fault with your flow meter or issues with calibration immediately. If you choose a flow meter that is equipped with an effective telemetry network, it could send an alarm the moment anything goes amiss. Moreover, there are some advanced flow meters that indicate the exact amount of sediment so that you get an idea when the time is right for maintenance. A clean flow meter would mean less head loss and high flows.


You must be well-equipped for the future so insist on buying a flow meter that boasts of an upgrade path. Choose a flow meter that is modular and allows components to be replaced and added with any changes in technology in the future. You must avoid a flow meter that shuts your options.

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