The Truth about THC and CBD Commercialization

Cannabis – There is so much hype about this right now. Whether you have tried it or not but you must have heard about thing these days. Cannabis is a plant that has been since ancient time for medicinal and recreational purpose. In Indian Ayurveda, it is believed to be an apex of all other plants. It carries both medicinal and “getting high” properties. Many countries in the world are now legalizing cannabis. Canada is one of the first countries to legalize marijuana. There is an online dispensary Canada. Canada has taken this step to wipe out the illegal distribution of marijuana in the nation. People can buy weed online in Canada easily. Cannabis which is also known as weed, pot, kush, ganja, and there are several names of it. It has two chemical psychoactive i.e. THC and CBD.

Now here is the drill, THC is the main substance that is responsible for your feeling of getting high. CBD is mainly used in medicinal purpose. CBD works opposite to THC. CBD works to decrease the feeling of “high” that is caused by THC. It is a kind of medicine that affect the CB1 and CB2 receptors in our brain. You might have heard that cannabis is very useful to treat several medical conditions and we said the same in the introduction of this article as well. It is not the THC that is helpful to medical science but CBD.

From cannabis, CBD is being extracted and its oil, tablets, and gel are being made. Now, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t carry THC at all or it will not give you the feeling of high. CBD oil and other products of CBD carry a little art of THC which causes the feeling of relaxation to the people consuming it. But the truth is, such products have a maximum amount of CBD extracted from cannabis or hemp. Just like the legalization of weed has encouraged the chemical used in the farming of cannabis. People are using several chemicals and pesticides to increase the level of THC in the plant.

Several studies have shown that in the last three or four decades the level of THC in the plants of cannabis is steadily increasing and that is an alarming situation. Nowadays people can buy weed from an online dispensary with attractive names and packets such as Pink Kush, death bubba, Bruce banner (name of hulk), etc. This commercialization of weed is risky for people’s health since naturally and organically grown cannabis has an equal ratio of THC and CBD while modern farming is producing more THC which can be a threat for the human body.

People and patients using cannabis to treat cancer, chronic pain, anxiety, and many other conditions need to buy high quality of organic cannabis or instead we would recommend using CBD oil. People using CBD oil to gain body mass and weight is a great alternative to Anavar. Although, pot-smoking also increases appetite and abuser can eat whatever found in his sight. But this poses a risk for the digestive system. So instead of using marijuana for medicinal use, one should rely on high-quality CBD Oil.

Since many weed manufacturers are selling chemically grown cannabis in the name of the organic and natural herb, it takes a little knowledge about these things before buying these things from the store. So we would always recommend you buy only high-quality stuff which may not harm your body and health even though smoking anything is bad for lungs but I am not preaching you stop you from smoking but a proper knowledge is necessary before consuming anything.