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The 6 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Doctor After a Car Accident

Getting involved in an auto accident will be the most stressful & complex situation. The first thing that you must do after the car accident will be to take medical care from the car accident doctor Lauderhill. No matter whether you get emergency medical treatment after the crash or have to follow up with the physician, later on, there are some important questions that you need to ask the doctor after the car accident.

  1. What Are the Specific Injuries I Have?

To know what you have endured till now or what might come, you have to know which injuries you have suffered. Diagnosing the exact injuries will need extra lab testing & diagnostic imaging, like X-ray, MRI, or CT Scan.

Suppose the doctor informs you of the injury and you are not very sure what this means, you can ask for a little more information. You can ask your doctor to be very specific if possible. For instance, suppose you suffered a lower leg injury, could it be a sprain, fracture or tear,? Or, if the back gets injured, then which vertebrae have got affected? For other injuries, you must ask your car accident doctor to document if they consider it to be moderate, minor, and severe.

  1. Should I Take An Off From Work When I Recover?

That depends upon the job you do, you will have to take off work when you mentally and physically recover. Your doctor will write the note for the work & offer you with some necessary information to make sure your recovery from the injuries.

  1. How Long the Pain Will Last?

When you are hurt by a personal injury, your pain and suffering are very genuine. The physical injuries hurt and you have the right to ask for compensation for the pain you are feeling.

When the attorney and jury start putting facts to place the dollar value on the pain & suffering you are going through, they will want to know exactly how much pain you are in or how long the pain will last. Also, your doctor will give you the right idea about what you must expect.

  1. How Long I Will Take in Recovering?

Recovery is a long & tumultuous process. The doctor must offer you the right estimate on how long it can take to make the complete recovery. The information can help you to prove that an accident affected negatively your life over some time.

  1. Do I Need More Care Later on?

Even though most of the injuries heal quickly, there are lingering symptoms that need long-term treatment. Some severe injuries need long-term care. For example, the victims who sustain traumatic brain injuries at the time of car accidents might require periodic MRIs, nursing care, and mood stabilizers for their whole life.

  1. Do I Have to See the Specialist?

Doctors specialize in the specific fields of medical science and focus the practice on some specific areas of your body. For instance, in case you suffer any brain injury, you likely get referred to the neurologist and, if you damage the kidney, an internal medicine doctor will consult your injury.