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The Importance of Coming Soon Pages when Starting a Blog

Are you thinking about starting your own blog but you haven’t got a clue where to start? Don’t worry, as I’ll show you the important bits and pieces that’ll help you set up your blog so that search engines such as Google can properly crawl and index your page.  Let’s say you already bought the domain and have just started the development process, then you must understand that launching a website without content is the worst mistake that you can make when starting out. First of all, search engines won’t evaluate (crawl) your site properly, which will result in poor ranking, and secondly, your visitors won’t see any content and will leave your site, which will negatively affect your bounce rate.

You can easily avoid all of these problems by using “Coming Soon Pages” that allow your visitors to learn more about your blog/page and its progress, as well as future updates and content/products. There are a few ways to reduce your bounce rate, and by doing so, you’ll improve the user experience, which will positively affect your SER and SEO. “Coming Soon Pages”  excel at generating as many conversions as possible through collecting emails and growing your target audience. While visitors are focused on your “Coming Soon Page”, you can attend to development and maintenance aspects in the background. Let’s find out how “Coming Soon Pages” benefit your blog, shall we?


Why You Need Coming Soon Pages

Provide Information – let visitors find and learn more about your posts/products. Use pictures and videos to attract attention and incentivize users to engage with your content. Share all of the juicy details so you can give them an offer that they can’t refuse. If you want to rank higher in SERP, use relevant keywords to show credibility.


Promote Your Content & Social Profiles – instead of paying for multiple ads, simply insert your social profiles to get more followers and let your target audience find you. Use branded hashtags to generate more organic traffic and improve online (search engine) visibility.


Simplify Sharing – allow users to share your page’s URL and promote your content on various social networks.  You’ll get more shares and clicks in almost no time. Let other people spread your work and invest your time elsewhere.


Countdown Timers Build Suspense – introduce a deadline to get people more excited and engaged. Let them know that the offer will expire soon and get them to act sooner.


Launch Dates Build Trust – by nature, people like to know everything, so use this chance to build a connection with your visitors by letting them know when your content will become available, so they know when to come back. Trust goes two ways so make sure to honor your word.


Subscriptions Forms Generate Traffic – insert subscription forms to get your visitor’s details (information) and generate more traffic by expanding your contact list. You can send them marketing emails that contain updates, discounts, sales, and keep them up to date. Personalized emails often reach more people, so be friendly and show that you care. You can even ask them for reviews or opinions on your content/product that you can use for promotional purposes. Don’t send out too many emails though, or you will be marked as spam.


Offer Discounts & Memberships – to reach a wider audience, make sure to go the extra mile and provide your visitors with promos, discounts, sales, or membership subscriptions. Generate a higher ROI by implementing various marketing tricks. Give a little something back to your community and they will keep coming back for more. People like cheaper alternatives as well as sales and they often generate more profit along with returning customers.

Grow Your Brand’s Reputation – place your logo in a visible place, so that people can remember it. Add a memorable slogan or a quote if you want to spice things up and stand out from the crowd.  Show authority and make sure that they understand what your brand is about. Insert “About Us” section to share your contact information and build trust.


Search Engine Visibility – optimized “Coming Soon Pages” show up in search engine results and highly improve visibility. Naturally, you want your blog/page to be visible at all times to attract as much traffic as possible. Create a Google My Business account and connect your page to improve local search results ranking. You can also add a Google Maps location so people know where to find your business.


Test Your Audience’s Response –  test their response with the help of your trusty analytics tools. Test different templates, layouts, designs, and see which offer the best results. Getting to know your audience can help you with personalized ads and perfect your content marketing skills.


How hard it is to build a coming soon page?

It’s clear that a coming soon page can bring you a huge amount of value and that building it is the first step you need to take when starting your journey towards online success. Truth be told, it can cause a few difficulties or be time consuming – if you’re not using the right tool of course. There are a few of them that can get the job done, but for building a flawless coming soon page with a process that can be compared to a walk in the park, Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is the plugin to resort to. You can basically adjust anything that your heart desires – over 170 themes, subscription forms, countdown timer, over 2 million high-quality images, SEO setup, client access link…you can play around with different possibilities, enjoy numerous features and create an exceptional coming soon page to lock in a proper start of you website.



Most websites use “Coming Soon Pages” regularly and it is for a good reason – they are highly effective. They are quite easy to set up as you can find lots of free premade templates that come with various WordPress plugins. Make sure your blog gets the attention that it deserves by letting “Coming Soon Pages” help you with SEO. Let visitors get to know your content/products and incentivize them to return for more. There are endless benefits and you can customize different aspects/elements to fit your needs, so I suggest you go set up one of these pages and test it out for yourself. I guarantee you’ll attract more traffic and generate more conversions, assuming you’ll set it up properly of course. What are you waiting for? Go and start ranking higher in SERP today.