The Evolution of Flyers: Is It Good or Bad?



Flyers have been around for quite a long time now. And as the business world enters into the new era of marketing strategies, using them for advertising has become more of old news. But we all know that it’s one of the staple promotional strategies used until today.

Nowadays, businesses and product endorsements revolve around social media websites and other pages. Digital marketing has been one of the leading promotional strategies used to engage consumers. Luckily, they’re effortless to make with the use of flyer makers.

As these high-tech marketing strategies arrived, are flyers really out of the window? Or just another key we need to unlock a door full of new opportunities? Let’s find out.


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Advantages and Disadvantages of flyers

As we delve deeper into the world of traditional advertising, you need to know and understand what are the benefits and drawbacks of using flyers in marketing your business.


  • Easy to read

Flyers are designed to be simple and readable. It provides all the content you need in a brief manner making it informative yet easy to understand.

  • Inexpensive

Printed flyers are easy to produce because they are affordable. If you’re looking for a cheaper way to promote your business that requires less time and effort in planning, flyers are your best choice. The cost to print an individual flyer is cheap, and it even gets cheaper when you produce it in bulk.

If you want to have a high-quality flyer, you need to consider the paper and machine to be used for production.

  • Tangible

Unconsciously, people love and prefer something they can touch. Some still like to read the newspaper instead of watching TV or scan through a magazine while waiting for their turn at the clinic. Handing out a well-designed flyer can have an impact on your target market just by first glance.

  • Can be used together with digital marketing

Flyers can be incorporated with digital marketing. You can put unique promotional codes on your flyers or make them as vouchers that your clients can use to access or purchase your products/services online. That way, potential customers will read through everything to get instructions on how to use the code/voucher offered. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.


  • Taken for granted

Giving out flyers on busy streets can cause people to take it for granted. This situation is often inevitable and would take up a lot of effort in strategizing your distribution.

  • Easily discarded

Yes, flyers are tangible, that’s why they can also be easily discarded. Flyers tend to have a low and short impact on some people and can be easily placed somewhere or thrown away.

 Flyer maker


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Printed out flyers were once ideas that were drafted in someone’s mind. With the help of flyer maker platforms like Venngage, your design can come to life.

Websites like Venngage provide you a wide range of choices in customizing your flyer, helping you make a great design and outcome that would best fit your business/product.

How to make business flyers

If you’ve made up your mind and decided to use this as your marketing strategy, here are some pointers on how to effectively make flyers:

  • Know your target market

Before anything else, knowing your target audience is important in the process of making business flyers.

You need your content to be relatable and for that to happen, you must analyze your product/services, do your research in advance, and get to know your potential customers personally. You may also conduct surveys that will help in determine


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  • Strategize a plan

Now that you’ve gotten to know more about your audience, it’s time to make a plan and bring out ideas that will make your advertisement stand out.

  • Team up

Look for a great printing company and sign up on the best flyer maker website that will help you create a nice and unique pamphlet that would surely get your customer’s undivided attention.

  • Catchy headline

Bold and large-sized headlines will always be the first text your audience will read. Coming up with a witty and catchy headline will hook them to read what your flyer says.

  • Remember to include your contact information

Whether it’s your email or the company’s phone number, never forget to put your contact information.

Contact details are usually placed at the bottom part of the leaflet.

  • Proofread your content

Before printing out, make sure to review and proofread your content to avoid wasting time and resources.

  • Include your business logo

Incorporating your business logo with your design will make them remember and recognize your brand.

Flyers are currently evolving and adapting to the new system. If used the right way, it can help your business thrive and reach its full branding potential.

Learning how to effectively incorporate flyer advertising with the new marketing strategies will help you embark on a new level of promoting your business.